1.90s document management and sharing

In the course of development of Windows, file management has been run through, it's hard to lose after the Windows file manager can do? In fact ever since the day the birth of Windows, Microsoft has wasted with its perfect, if you link up with the results of these years, you will discover that change is really huge.


win951. Windows 95

Year: 1995

If you take the vision to see the then current Win95, you must be feeling a long time, "God! This is who I exhilaration of Win95?". Yes! There is no compelling appearance, not the directory tree, not a single window into the style, no-input the address bar, which is Win95, a God who is the same as that for the operating system. If I have traced, then the toolbar also some little shadow of a modern operating system. Indeed, so old!
Of course, file search, or some, or how to find necessary documents? But speed is not too much to wish for! Fortunately, the hard drive was very small, slowly can endure!
And an unexpected finding is that file sharing actually have in the subsequent 16 years has not changed much, Win95 sharing model pioneered in the Win7 now be used in the same, but only slightly enhanced functionality (such as shared access). Seems to Win95 had indeed created a lot of precedent.

win982. Windows 98

Year: 1998

In view of the window is not hand-Win95, Win98 began to significantly improve this feature. Address bar is one of the most obvious one change, the user can manually enter the address for the first time to quickly jump position, and with new "forward" and "back" and more quickly move between directories became smoothly together.

As the depth of integration and IE4, Win98 realized preview images directly in the window function, and even the folder-level single window to window on the desktop also greatly reduced. The most critical is that starting from this version of the Microsoft joined the tree view (through the "View" menu to bring up), significantly increased the efficiency of the user's file browser.

Win95 file find and not much stronger than just the individual option to move a bit position. From the beginning of this period, third-party search tool began surging born.

winme3. Windows Me

Year: 2000

Compared with high-profile Win98, WinMe changes in low-key a lot, just add a few on the toolbar button (the more representative is the "folder"). But obviously, from that time Microsoft began to focus on improving the user experience on the new addition to preview the Edit button is a good example.
With Win95, Win98 search tools compared, WinMe Win2000 looks more like a replica, although the function may not have any significantly different, but the point is found, the window displays the results directly to the search term with the pages, all greatly improved the user's search operation experience, the layout of the final follow-up of the operating system has become a model.

2.2000 and XP will become more user-friendly document management back to top

win2000pro4. Windows 2000

Year: 2000

Win2000 can be said that Microsoft's release of an important part of history, precisely because of its popularity, a new document management system (NTFS) was slowly individuals familiar. Progress on removing some of the outside storage, NTFS is the biggest highlight of the paper provides a professional security management (permissions), allows the creator to create a detailed file read and write protection, which is compared to the password-protection can be described Win9X forward a big step, safety is quite different.


Remove file access authorization, NTFS, another major feature is to provide a file encryption and decryption services. Since Win2000 has a perfect multi-account management, making this technology in use as long as the check button, the system will automatically generate the decryption key to complete the operation, well in convenience and security to achieve a balance between .


Of course, in addition to those familiar with the techniques, NTFS also brought a number of niche applications. For instance, we can limit the disk quota for different accounts in different disk space, using disk compression for the user more space and more. During this period, file management became rich and varied.


Also due to the involvement of NTFS, file sharing has become more refined, the most obvious change is to allow the user to set the number of simultaneous access. Of course, access to a professional is also particularly transplant, much higher than the Win9X can build a list of network privileges. So in a sense, Win2000 NTFS essence of it is from the beginning.


winxp5. Windows XP

Year: 2001

While laying the Win2000 NTFS file system as a mainstream position, but it is after all a commercial operating system, many places do not meet home users' habits, so was born one year after the WinXP!

And compared to Win2000, WinXP design is more inclined user friendly. So we see a lot of small details to be optimized, some thoughtful guidance services are also joined. In particular the introduction of the left column, greatly expanded the use of the top toolbar, but also make the toolbar is no longer crowded.


Search tool has been significantly improved, while maintaining Win2000 featuring soften the tone of the query, type the screen look better by asking the user experience. But many people do not quite buy it, because sometimes this far and asked the panel straight Win2000 search efficient. So the new search tool "downgrade" for Win2000, then become a very interesting landscape.
File sharing is the same, to "improve" the operating experience of home users, XP specially prepared a set of "simple type sharing" mechanism, by dragging the file to a shared folder for fast sharing. Of course, and search tools, the "improved" does not get much recognition, in reality, or more traditional shared user.

3. random search of Vista

winvista6. Windows Vista

Year: 2007

2007 launch of Windows Vista, into a more visual elements, whether photos, video, or even documents can be hidden in the window, check the preview box on the right of way, of course, to mention a thumbnail display. Complex before the XP window toolbar option is to replace the smart system can according to the specific content of the current window automatically displays the appropriate button. It is worth mentioning that during this period from the beginning to start the Windows button to display the address bar, you can see that in addition to, other than lose, we can directly click the button to jump to other folders in this class, which can also be seen as Win98 is the second after a revolution in the address bar.


File management is inseparable from the search, starting from this version, Microsoft began to significantly improve the search function. Apart from the new version of the global Start menu search bar outside (position change at the bottom, without a dedicated start the program), the upper right corner of each window are equipped with a quick search, designed to search the current folder contents. Since the introduction of new indexing mechanism, search for files can almost be "flash search" to describe a few hundred GB of hard disk can instantly return to big results. You can even "virtual folder" will be the same type of file "collected" together, to facilitate future use quick search.
"Shadow files" during this period, a new Windows stuff, a bit like an upgraded version of System Restore, it means the document files have a backup, when we modified the file by mistake can be restored at different times through the Shadow files (automatic backup) the content was quickly restored. In addition, this feature can also be applied to folders.

4.Win7 library file management easier

win77. Windows 7

Year: 2009

"Library" is the most worth mentioning Win7 One of the changes, is simply the distribution of files in different locations together to meet the management needs of users. Give you an example, such as I am a photographer, likes to take some plants and flowers or something, so I have a lot of their own photography collection. However, in addition, the hard disk partition, there are many other family members or pets photos far as location, view and management is not easy. Then in Win7, the simplest way is to import them all "gallery" in the library for a unified cross-regional management. Of course, if you are in a LAN environment, but also can share files on other computers to join. Word! "Library" is to concentrate with all the files all over the world for people to use.
Search function with some small changes, an increase of highlighting keywords appear, other details have to adjust, but nowhere near as shocking XP upgrade Vista.
Win7 simplify the file-sharing operations, we can be a few computers (eg room, office, home medium) form a family group, then the sharing of resources to all the family groups of users. Many of the details of which are direct agent system is no longer open to the user, greatly reducing the difficulty of the operation of ordinary users. In addition, another more obvious change is that you can separate the file-sharing, while we can before the implementation of the shared folder level.


win88. Windows 8

Year: 2012

With the gradually shifting the focus to the Microsoft Tablet PC, Windows ever again, it also ushered in the changes, the new Metro will replace the desktop interface position, as the system's initial screen. In this new interface, the program will become one "box", all files will be hidden in the box below. Of course, traditional desktop remains, and will continue to be improved, but the details only after the arrival of other new add.

Written in the last

Chronicle of a document management, let us know the Windows in the past, present and future. Of course, as technology continues to evolve, we will definitely have more new features coming up, after all, innovation is the survival of the greatest magic!

This address is http://www.computerites.com/computers-history/2011/12/computer-history-from-win95-to-win8-see-the-file-management-and-sharing-the-history-of-51.html

This address is http://www.computerites.com/computers-history/2011/12/computer-history-from-win95-to-win8-see-the-file-management-and-sharing-the-history-of-51.html