Mobile cloud computing is the usage of cloud computing in combination with mobile device. Cloud computing exists when tasks and data are kept on the internet rather than on individual devices, providing on-demand access.

Applications are run on a remote server and then sent to the users. Because of the advanced improvement in mobile browsers thanks to Apple and Google over the past couple of years, nearly every mobile should have a suitable browser. This means developers will have a much wider market and they can bypass the restrictions created by mobile operating systems.

Mobile cloud computing gives the new company chances for mobile network providers. Several operators such as Vodafone,Orange and Verizon have started to offer cloud computing services for companies.

Alibaba Group launched cloud computing-based operating system Aliyun on 29th July 2011. The Aliyun operating system will feature cloud services such as email, Internet search and support for web-based applications. Users are not required to download and install applications onto their mobile device.

As the pioneer of cloud computing, Google is actively developing the Android platform and terminals for the mobile environment, continue to introduce new applications based on mobile devices and cloud computing, including:integration of mobile search,voice search service, fixed-point search and Google Maps for mobile, Android Google Street View.

The advantages of mobile cloud computing

1. breakthrough terminal hardware limit

2.ease of data access

3.Intelligent load balancing

4.reduce management costs

5.on-demand services to reduce costs

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