Common classification of computer viruses:

1.Of the parasitic way into the boot-type computer virus file virus and compound-type virus
The boot virus is parasitic in the disk boot sector or master boot sector computer virus. The virus system boot, the Lord does not guide the contents of the area to the correctness of the shortcomings of discrimination in the process that led system into the system memory-resident monitoring system is running standby transmission and destruction. Can be subdivided in accordance with the location of boot virus parasitic on the hard disk master boot record viruses and partition boot record virus. The master boot record virus infected hard disk master boot sector, such as cannabis virus 2708 virus, torch virus, etc.; active partition boot record, partition boot record virus infected hard disk, such as small ball viruses, Girl, virus.

File virus is a computer virus can be parasitic in the file. This type of virus-infected executable files or data files. Such as the 1575/1591 virus, 848 virus infection. COM and. EXE executable file; Macro /Concept, Macro /Atmos and other macro virus infections. DOC files.
Complex virus is a parasitic way of computer viruses, boot viruses and file viruses. The virus expanded its mode of transmission of the virus program, both infected with the disk's boot record, but also infects executable files. When living with the virus disk used to boot the system, or call the execution of infected files, the virus will be activated. Therefore, in the detection, cleaning compound viruses, must be fully and thoroughly radical, if only a feature of the detection of the virus, only as a boot or file virus cleanup. Seems to be cleared, but still remained hidden, which are endowed with a sterilized "clean" system offensive. Flip virus this virus, the Pliocene international virus, One-half virus.
2. The destructive divided into benign viruses and the virulent virus
Benign virus is just to the performance of their own systems and data is not completely destroyed, but a lot of CPU time, system overhead, and reduce system efficiency of a computer virus. This virus is mostly a product of the mischief-makers, their goal is not to undermine the system and data, but to use contaminated by the virus, computer users to see or hear through the monitors or speakers of the programming techniques of virus designers. Ball viruses of this type of virus, the 1575/1591 virus, ambulance virus, the virus of Yankee Dabi viruses. Some people use these features of the virus to promote their own political views and ideas. Some virus designers in the preparation of virus attack, personal attack.
The vicious virus after the attack of those once, it will damage the system or data, resulting in paralysis of the computer systems of a type of computer virus. Black Friday viruses such viruses, the torch virus, the Michelangelo·Kiro virus on. The virus harm, some virus attack can do irreparable damage to the user.

The most common computer viruses which several types?
We have not thought of the "body" inside some viruses can drill down to other programs? Some viruses can take part in other programs and substituting? These virus dictionary will want to address. This time to give us the "DOS viruses, Windows viruses, the" invasion-type virus, the embedded virus "," shell-like virus and virus manufacturing tools.

DOS viruses:

Refers to the virus developed for the DOS operating system. There is little new production of DOS viruses, Windows 9x virus, DOS virus almost disappeared. DOS virus in a Windows 9x environment can still be infected with activities, so if the implementation of the infected files, Windows 9x users will also be infected. We use anti-virus software to killing the virus in more than half of DOS viruses, we can see the DOS era of DOS viruses flooding extent. However, many viruses in addition to a few users frightened of the virus, most virus are only produced by out of curiosity or open code a certain deformation and produced virus.

Windows virus:

Mainly refers to the virus for Win9x operating systems. Today's computer users are generally installed Windows system .Windows virus infection generally Windows 9x system, one of the most typical virus CIH virus. This does not mean you can ignore the system is Windows NT series including Win2K computer. Some of the Windows virus not only in Win9x normal infection, can also infect other files on Windows NT. Main infected file extension of the SCR , EXE, DLL, OCR, etc..

Intrusive viruses:

Available their own instead of the normal procedure, part of the module or stack area. Therefore, these viruses attack only certain procedures and targeted. Under normal circumstances is difficult to find, more difficult to clear up.

Embedded virus:

This virus embedded in their own code to the infected file when the file is infected, killing and clear the virus very easily. But to write the embedded virus is more difficult, so the small number of the virus.

Shell-like virus:

The virus to their own code attached to the first or tail of the normal procedure. A wide variety of such viruses, most viruses that infect files are of this type.

Virus generation tool:

Usually in the form of menu-driven, with little computer knowledge, the use of virus generation tool can be like a la carte to easily create computer viruses, and can design a very complex virus with theft and pleomorphic features.

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