1 In the past, there are two hungry people has gain a gift of the elderly: a fishing rod and a huge basket of live fish. Among them, one to a basket of fish, another person asked for a fishing rod, so they parted ways. Get the fish were put up in situ on the campfire to cook with firewood from a fish, he devoured, there is no product out of the meaty fish, suddenly, even the fish soup which he ate, and soon, he starved to death in the empty creel. Another person is carrying a fishing rod to go hungry, hard step by step walk to the beach, but when he saw not far from the patch of blue ocean, he covered the last bit of energy also finished, He can only helplessly with endless regret doing nothing human. There are two hungry people, they also received the gift of an elderly rod and a basket of fish. But they did not go our separate ways, but agreed to work together to find the sea, They only cook a fish every time they trek through remote, came to the beach, since then, the two began a day of fishing for a living, a few years later, they built a house, with their respective families, children have their own fishing boats built, and lived a happy and peaceful life.
Inspiration: only the immediate interests of a person, will eventually get the short-lived joy; a lofty goal, but we must face the reality of life. Only the ideal and reality combine, will it be possible to become a successful person. Sometimes, a simple truth, but enough to give meaningful life inspiration.
2One scholar Beijing exam the third time, living in a regular live store. Two days before exam he did three dreams, his first dream is the dream kind of cabbage on the wall, the second dream is a rainy day, he was wearing a bamboo hat umbrella, and the third dream is the dream with the beloved cousin lying naked together, but back to back. These three dreams seem profound meaning of the scholar quickly went the next day telling explain it. Telling of a, continuous thigh, said: "You still go home and you think, growing vegetables is not high on the wall futile it? Not bother wearing umbrella hats to play it? With cousin are lying on a bed naked out, but back to back, not the game is it? "scholar, frustrated, packed his bags ready to go home back to the shop. Shop owner is very strange, and asked: "is not a test tomorrow, today, how do you return home it?" Scholar said such and such a lot, shop owner laughed: "yo, I would dream and I would think You have to stay this time you think about it, the wall is not high vegetable species? wearing umbrella hats in this show that you are not prepared for it? with your cousin back by lying in bed naked, not saying you the time necessary to stand up to it? "scholar, more reasonable, so spirits to take the exam, actually in a third overall. Active people, like the sun, where it shines bright, negative people, like the moon, who started 15 different.
Inspiration: Thoughts determine our lives, what kind of idea what kind of future.
3 in a small village, under a very heavy rain, floods began to flood the village, a priest in the church to pray, he saw the flood has flooded his knee. Lifeguard drove a sampan came to church with the priest said: "Father, come on quickly! Otherwise flood will drown you!" The priest said: "No! I am confident that God will save me, you go Well, to save others. "Soon, the flood has flooded the priest's chest, and the priest had to settle for standing on the altar. At this time, there came a policeman driving a speedboat, with the priest said: "Father, come quick, or you really will be drowned!" The priest said: "No, I want to defend my church, I believe that God  will save me. You'd better save others. "After a while, floods have inundated the whole church, the priest had to seize the church at the top of the cross. A helicopter flew slowly, after the pilot dropped a rope ladder cried: "Father, come quick, this is the last chance, we do not want to see you by the flood drowned!!" Father or strong-willed said: "No, I want to defend my church! God will rescue me. You'd better save others, God will be with me were in the!!" rolling flood, stubborn priest was finally Father drowned ... ... on to heaven to see God very angry after the question: "Lord, ah, I give their life, fears that serve you, why you would not save me!" God said: "I would not how to save You? the first time, I sent a sampan to rescue you, you do not, I think you are worried about sampan dangerous; the second time, I also sent a boat to go, you still do not; the second time, I am the Ambassador of the ritual until you send another helicopter to rescue you, you are still unwilling to accept the results, so I thought you anxious to come back to me, you can take with me. "
Inspiration: too many obstacles in life are all due to excessive stubbornness and ignorance caused by ignorance. In others, offer help, do not forget, only we ourselves are willing to reach out to, people can be helped to! ! !
4. Has two brothers, they lived in 80 floors. One day they travel home and found the building a power cut! Although they carrying a large bag of luggage, but it seems there is no other choice, so my brother said to his brother, we climb the stairs up! So they began to climb the stairs carrying two luggage bag. Climbed to the 20th floor when they started tired, his brother said, "bag too heavy, it is better so be it, we put bags on here, so take the elevator after the call to come and collect." So they put luggage on the 20th Floor and relaxed, continue to climb. They talked and laughed to climb, but did not last long, to the 40th floor, two very tired. Think also only half the climb, they began blaming each other, accused each other of not pay attention to the building power outage notice, only so ineffective. They climb side noisy side, so all the way to climb the 60 floor. To the 60 floor, they too tired to even fight the effort as well. Brother of the brother said, "We do not quarrel, and climbed it right." And so they quietly continue climbing stairs, and finally to the 80 floor! The brothers came to the door with excitement only to find their keys left in the 20th floor of a bag ... ...
Some people say that this story is actually a reflection of our life: 20 years old, we live his family, under the teacher's expectations, burdened with a lot of pressure, burden, and he is not mature enough, lack of capacity, so walking is inevitable instability. 20 years old, left the crowd pressure, remove the burden, began to go all out to pursue their dreams, so happily over 20 years. But the age of 40, found youth passed away, inevitably lead to a lot of regret and repent, and began regret this, regret that, complaining about this, hate that ... ... so spent complaining about the 20 years. To the 60-year-old, life has been found running out, so told myself not to complain, to cherish the rest of the day! So quietly completed their years. To the end of life, think of themselves as if there was not anything done ... ...
original, all our dreams are to stay in the 20-year-old youth, have not had time to complete ... ...
5 people in a mountain top of Eagles Nest Lane, caught a baby eagle, baby eagle to take him home, kept in cages inside. Only with the young eagles and chickens pecking, frolic and rest. It thought it was a chicken. This eagle grew up, full-fledged, and the owner wants it to train the falcon, but because all day long and chicken mixed together, and it has become exactly the same as chicken, had no desire to fly. Owner tried various methods, all to no avail, and finally put it to the top of the hill, one will throw it out. This hawk, like stone-like, straight fall, it is hard to beat panic among the wings, so, it finally flew up!
Tip: tempering the power of a successful call
6 There are two brothers, aged four or five, as the bedroom windows are closed the whole day, they think the house is too dark, and saw the bright sunshine outside, I feel envy. Brothers to discuss said: "We can work together to come out of the sun a little sweep." Thus, the two brothers took the broom and dustpan to sweep up the sun terrace. When they moved to the room where the dustpan when there is no sunlight inside. So many times again and again to sweep the house, or that the sun did not. Mom was in the kitchen busy strange to see them move, asked: "What are you doing?" They replied: "the room is too dark, and we want to sweep the point of the sun to come." Her mother said: "As long as the windows open, the sun naturally come in, why should I scan it? "
Tip: to open the door closed, the success of failure of the sun can disperse the dark.
7 rain, a spider struggling to climbing wall has been fragmented network, due to wet the walls, it climbed to a certain height, it will fall, to climb it again and again, again and again and fall ... ... the first person to see, and he sighed to himself: "My life is not as spider it? busy and no income." So he increasingly depressed. The second person to see, he said: spider really stupid, why not look around next to a dry place to climb? I'll be as stupid as it can. So he becomes wise up. Third person to see, he was immediately spiders keep on fighting spirit moved. So he became a strong up to.
Tip: the mentality of those who are successful can be found everywhere in the power of success.
8. An old man in a high-speed train, accidentally the new shoes lost one from a window, the people around feel sorry, but, the old man threw down the second shoes immediately  from the window. This move is even more surprised. Old man explained: "This shoe no matter how expensive, has no use for me, if there is who can pick up a pair of shoes, maybe he can wear it!"
Tip: winners would give up
9 great ancient  philosopher Tim, one day he called his disciples were the bedside, pointing to open mouth, and then asked his disciples to see what? The presence of the public can answer the first child was on no one. So I said to them: "Teeth does not exist,  but tongue  is still here"
Means: the teeth to be hard but it is not long life; tongue be soft, but hardier.
10 A old monk travel with a young monk,  encounter a river; see a woman was about to cross the river, but not before. Old monk will take the initiative back to the woman wading the river, and then put down women, and the young monk continued on our way. Monk can not help muttering all the way: how the master? How dare take a  woman on  back across the river? All the way to think ,but  not, said: Master, you violate of the provision? How a woman was on your back? Sighed the old monk: I have already put down, you still can not put down!
Inspiration: Gentlemen expansive, villains often sad; broad-minded, cheerful thought, failing to get affordable, let go, and to maintain a healthy state of mind.

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