We stay up late, sleep late; we also eat and drink late at night, did not realize that these acts disrupt the rhythm of sleep; as time goes on, we do not teach the body to sleep, in order to release them, want to resolve through medication , but this approach only temporarily mask the problem is not resolved, and there may be addictive. Here we sleep in the life of the formation of a misunderstanding, let us solve them right.

Myth # 1: The "long nap" to add sleep Sleep during the day too long, especially after four in the afternoon, at night when you watch TV, even a few simple style nap will be able to ruin your good night's sleep . Solution: nap time sleep less than 30 minutes If the rest is absolutely necessary, then you have to determine once and one day only to four in the afternoon before. Typically, short break will not affect, in fact, after lunch or a half hour or 20-minute lunch break, as long as four points before, in the majority of people are still useful.

Myth # 2: Did not give your body adequate sleep signal our bodies rely heavily on external signal to tell it when to sleep when the sober, the most basic is that the outside world is bright or dark. But we work and live in an artificial light of the world, we often overlook the most obvious rule: natural sunlight. But we sleep, our bodies need a completely dark environment to secrete an important sleep hormone - melatonin. Our bedroom is often not completely dark, so the impact of this an "important project." Solution: the night, make your bedroom as dark To find the culprit in your bedroom: the hair with red alarm clock display; your cell phone or personal digital assistant device charger the red light; computer screen;  phone lights; dvd clock and timer. Even the most faint little light will also affect the sleep hormone secretion of the pineal gland and thus affects your sleep rhythm. Or removes alarm clock, electronic equipment covering all the light, if the windows facing the light, use dark or opaque curtains. If these can not, then with one eye now! If you wake up in the middle of the night, go to the bathroom, they also try to keep light off of the city. You can also use the flashlight or the stars at night.

Myth # 3: No preparation Expect from the full operation of the state of the body a complete halt and did not slow down the transfer buffer, which is unrealistic. Our body needs time to produce so-called neurotransmitters cord to the brain's sleep center to send a feedback signal, the brain will secrete hormones to make you sleep nap feeling. Solution: spend some time and slowly fall asleep Create an artificial "electrical sunset" after 10 pm, do not sit at the computer (TV) screen before, and turn off all electrical appliances. Stimulation of the brain of these things very, very long to make you stay awake for some time. Of course, you have to prepare a bed. In an hour before you go to sleep, dimming the brightness of first light, a hot bath, listening to some very quiet music, do some restorative yoga or relaxation of the action. Let your body go to sleep and psychological preparation is necessary. Prevent you from sleep to all the things that distract you (physically or psychologically) all away.

Myth # 4: Use alcohol to help sleep Because there are some sedative effect of alcohol, many people have insomnia by drinking to improve sleep. Alcohol to fall asleep for the first time slightly helpful, but with the decomposition of the body, it tends to damage the rest of the night sleep quality, reduce the overall time to sleep. Regular drinking at bedtime to promote sleep will undermine its effectiveness, on the contrary, destructive effects are to remain or even increase.

Myth 5: taking drugs to sleep or staying asleep Drugs to cover up the problem of sleep and sleep does not solve the deeper problem. Many studies have found that on sleep: either prescription or non-prescription, are harmful in the long-term. They are highly addictive nature of, and potentially dangerous. For short-term use, may sometimes need more medicine, but after some time, they will only make the situation insomnia worse, not better. If you take medicine for some time, request a doctor to help you develop a health approach, away from dependence on them. Solution: learn relaxation techniques Physical factors aside, the pressure should be the number one cause of sleep disorders. Temporary pressure will lead to chronic insomnia and sleep rhythm disorders. Many people ask me why they can not rest their brains operate at full speed so can not sleep. Do some breathing exercises it, restorative yoga or meditation of some quiet things are helpful. These all help to make your brain quiet, reduce fear and worries brought about by pressure.

Myth # 6: before going to bed to eat refined grains or dessert These are those who disturb the metabolism, improve blood sugar, hormone balance to some of the organ to maintain systemic pressure. Disruption of these hormones are affecting your sleep cycle, hormone fluctuations make you as strange in the night-time, wake up. Solution: If you must eat, then eat high-protein bar! Try to eat before going to bed the best, but at least, high-protein food will not only prevent those who disturb sleep, and fuel consumption may provide tryptophan - manufacture melatonin necessary amino acids.

Myth 7: There is no a fixed sleep mode We often think that you can go to bed earlier the next night to make up for lost sleep, but the clock regulates the ability of healthy sleep patterns is based upon maintaining a strict daily routine. We stay up late on weekends, expect the next time up on sleep, or time to make up for the weekend lack of sleep this week. Both practices have disrupted the rhythm of the body, especially the weekend of staying up late the next day is likely to cause insomnia. Solution: a plan and strict compliance Get up on time every day to sleep, even in the weekends. If you want to have healthy sleep habits, this is the most important. Our body because of the law of life and comfort, and a sleep habits remain the same for the biological clock is also enhanced when good enough. Wake up at the same time every day or sleep will be conducive to sleep to maintain a constant rhythm, and to remind the brain sleep at a specific time or sober hormone release.

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