65 Skills to Introduce Yourself During the Interview (1)

1. Would you please introduce yourself about your own?

Prompt answer: Most people answer this question too ordinary, just say the name, age, hobbies, work experience, these have on the resume. In fact, most want to know the job seeker's ability to perform the work, including: the strongest skills, the most in-depth knowledge of areas of research, the most active part of the personality, the most successful things done, the main achievement of these all OK and learning, and learning, but to highlight the positive personality and ability to do things right to reasonable business will not believe it. Enterprises attach great importance to the courtesy of a person's job seekers have to respect the examiner, said in answer each question a "thank you" and companies like polite job-seekers.

2. Do you think the biggest advantage is your personality?

Answered Tip: calm, well-organized, stand firm, tenacious up, helpful and caring, adaptability and sense of humor, optimism and friendliness.  Jade Bird after one to two years of training and project combat, plus internship, make me fit for the job.

3.Talk about your greatest weakness?

Tip:, asked the probability of this problem enterprises usually do not want to hear directly answer the question What are the disadvantages and other job seekers say that their own petty jealousies, love jealous people, very lazy, bad, low efficiency, enterprises must not work with you. Never try to be smart answer "My biggest drawback is that too much striving for perfection", some people think the answer will appear relatively well, but in fact, he has at stake. Companies like Speaking of job seekers from their own advantages, the middle of some small shortcomings, then finally back to the advantages on the part of the outstanding advantages, like a smart job seekers.

4.How do you treat overtime

Tip:, and in fact many companies ask this question does not prove to work overtime, just want to test you willing to dedicate for the company.
To answer the sample: If it is the work I will be duty-bound to work overtime, I am single, no family responsibilities, can devote all our energies. But at the same time, I will improve efficiency, reduce unnecessary overtime.

5. Your salary requirements?

Answered Tip: If you pay is too low, then obviously it to belittle their abilities; If you pay is too high, then they will become your component too heavy, the company is good enough not afford. Some employers are often seeking recruits to the posts in advance to set a spending budget, and thus their first price is often the highest price they can give, they ask you just want to confirm that the money is enough to cause the interest.
Answer to the sample: on wages is not a mandatory requirement, I believe your company in dealing with my issues will be friendly and reasonable. I pay attention to is to find job opportunities, so long as the conditions are fair, I do not mind too much.
The answer to sample two: I have received the training of system software programming and does not require extensive training, and I am programming of particular interest to. Therefore, I hope my situation and the level of market standards, give me a reasonable salary.
Answer to the sample: If you must state the specific number, please do not say to a broad range, so that you will only get the minimum number. Best to give a specific figure, so that you have made today's talent market survey to know what kind of value like myself educated employees.

6. Within five years, your career plans?

Answered Tip: This is the each of the candidates do not want to asked questions, but almost everyone was asked, the more the answer is "manager". But in recent years, many companies have established a specialized way. Status is often referred to as "consultants" and "Services technician" or "senior software engineer" and so on. Of course, say a number of other jobs you are interested in is also possible, such as product sales manager, production manager, and your professional background. You know, the examiner always liked the aggressive candidates, if "do not know, maybe it will make you lose a good opportunity. The most common answer should be "I am ready to make a difference in the technical field" or "I hope that the development in accordance with the company's management ideas.

7. Your friend's opinion of you?

Answer Hint: look from the side of your personality and get along with others.
Answer sample: My friends say I am a trustworthy person. Because, once I agreed to the things of others, we will certainly do. If I can not, I would not easily promise.
The answer to sample two: I think I'm an easygoing person, and different people can live in friendship. I get along with others, I always stand in someone else's point of view to consider the issue.

8. You have any questions?

Answered Tip: enterprises seem dispensable, in fact, very critical, companies do not like to say "no problem" people, because of its emphasis on individuality and innovation capacity of the employees. The companies do not like the job seekers to ask personal welfare class, and if asked a question: your company into the company's employees have no training program, I join you? Or the mechanisms for promotion of your company is what? Enterprises will be very welcome, because it reflects the passion for learning and loyalty to the company, as well as your self-motivated.

9. Through this interview in our unit hired you, but work for some time but found not fit for this position, how do you do?

Answered Tip: The period of time not right for me. There are two cases: first,if you really love this career, then you have to keep on learning, with an open mind to the leadership and colleagues to learn business knowledge and motivation of the experience to understand the spiritual connotation of this career and job requirements, and strive to reduce the gap; second,do you think this career dispensable, that as early as possible, or a change in career, go find something to suit your career you love, as the development of the future will point to units and individuals have benefits.

10. In the completion of a work, do you think the leadership in the manner required is not the best, there are better ways, how you should do?

Answer the prompts:
1. In principle, I will respect and obey the leadership of the organization of work at the same time look for opportunities to consult tone, melody express their own thoughts private to see the leadership of whether to change the idea.
2.If the leaders did not take my advice, I also will be required by the leadership of carefully to get the job done.
3. In another case, if the leadership requirements of way contrary to principle, I will strongly raised objections, such as the leadership is still stubborn, I would not hesitate to superiors again to reflect.

11. If your work is a mistake, causing economic losses to the company, do you think what to do?

Answered Tip: 1. The I intended to work hard for the company, if the economic loss caused by, I think the primary issue is to find ways to compensate or restore the economic losses. If I can not afford to be responsible for, and I hope the unit to help solve. 2.clearly define the responsibilities, duties, if it is my responsibility, I am willing to be punished; if it is a team I am responsible for the mistakes of others, we can not gloat, mutual help as a team together to complete the work, comfort and colleagues and help colleagues to find out the reasons sum up experience. 3.The lessons learned, and a person's life can not make no mistakes, it is important from their own or others' mistakes, lessons learned, and avoid similar errors in future work. Review their own working methods, the depth and intensity of the analysis of the problem is not enough, resulting in avoidable errors.

12. If you do a work by the recognition of superior leadership, but you are competent leaders said it was he did, how do you?

Prompted to answer: First, I do not find who their superiors on this matter, I will take the initiative to find competent leadership to communicate, because communication is the best way to solve interpersonal relationships, but the result will be two:
1. My supervisor leadership to recognize their error, I think I will, as the case to decide whether to forgive him.
2. More intensified to threaten me, then I would not hesitate to find my superiors reflect this, because doing so would cause a negative impact on the future work.

13. Talk about your job-hopping?

Answer the prompts: (1) normal, "quit" to promote the rational flow of trained people should be supported. ② frequent job-hopping units and individuals, both sides should oppose.

14. Work hard for you to get along and colleagues, boss, how would you do?
Answer Tip:

1. I will obey the command of the leadership, with the work of colleagues.

2.I will be looking for from their own reasons, careful analysis is not work well so that the leaders are not satisfied with my colleagues could not understand. Need to look at is not acted well, this is the case I will work hard to correct.

3. If I can not find the reason, I will look for opportunities to communicate with them, ask them to point out my lack of problems promptly corrected.

4. as the excellent staff should always consider the greater good, even in a period of time, leadership and colleagues I do not understand, I will also do our own work, with an open mind to learn from them, I believe, they will see that I'm trying to one day will I smile.

15. Assuming you work in a unit, the more prominent achievements to get the affirmation of the leadership. But at the same time, you find that colleagues become increasingly isolated, how can you look at this issue? How are you going to do?

Answer the prompt:
1. Results, to be led is definitely a good thing, then work harder.
2. Review that he is not the work of enthusiastic than enthusiastic exchanges between colleagues, to strengthen exchanges between colleagues and shared interests.
3.Do not hurt other people's self-esteem.
4.Work  no longer fiddle with non-leadership before.

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