65 Skills to Introduce Yourself During the Interview (2)

16. Whether to participate in a training course? Talk about the contents of training courses. Company-sponsored or at their own expense to participate in?

The prompt answer: at their own expense to participate in training courses of Jade Bird (you can talk more about their own learning techniques).

17. Do you know about our company?

Answered Tip: go to the company before the interview, check the Internet at the company's main business. If the answer: Your company intends to change its strategy to strengthen cooperation with foreign manufacturers, OEM and part of its own brand through overseas distributors.

18. Please state the motivation you choose this job?

Answered Tip: want to know the enthusiasm and understanding of the interview on this work, and filter on a whim from the examination of the person, if inexperienced, stressed that "even rank different, and also hope to have the opportunity to play before experience ".

19. What you do best direction?

Answer the prompt: say you want to apply for jobs, courses, and show their enthusiasm did not do any harm.

20. You can for our company, what is it?

Answered Tip:
1. The if you can, try to tell them that you can reduce their costs - "I have received  Jade Bird nearly two years of professional training, immediately taking a post.
2.The companies would like to know future employees can do for businesses, job seekers should repeat their own advantages, and then said: "my ability, I can do an excellent staff in the organization the ability to play to the organization efficiency and more revenue. " Companies like the job applicant to apply for posts to indicate their ability, for example, to apply for the post of marketing like, we can say: "I can develop a lot of new customers and old customers to do a more comprehensive service, the development of new and old customers demand and consumption. "

21. Can best be summed up what three words of your own?

Answered Tip: I often use the three words are: adaptability, sense of responsibility and work always, combined with specific examples to explain to the examiner,

22. What are your hobbies?

Answered Tip: to find some full of team spirit, there is a true story: Some people was rejected because his hobby is scuba diving. The examiner said: because it is a single event, I am not sure whether he can adapt to the group work.

23. As the interviewee to give me points?

Answer Hint: Try to list four advantages and a very very small drawback (you can complain about the facilities, there is no clear responsibility drawback is that no one will mind).

24. You understand how your qualifications for this position?

The answer Hint: to elaborate on the job responsibilities and tasks, and work attitudes.

25.Like the job what point?

To answer the prompt: I believe the fact, we all hearts must have the answer! Different values of each person's natural judgment standard, however, in answer to this question of the interviewer can not be too direct speak out to put their own psychological, especially the salary issues, but some innocuous answer is a good considerations, such as convenient transportation, the nature of the work and the content pretty well in line with their interest is a good answer, but if they can think carefully about the job distinguishes, I believe will greatly add to the interview points.

26. Why should we leave?

Answer the prompts:
1.To answer this question must be careful, even if the previous one by a big grievance, the number of complaints to the company, do not show it, in particular, to avoid the criticism of the company itself competent to avoid interviewer negative emotions and impressions. Proposed the best way to answer questions put the blame on himself, for example, feel that the work did not study the development of space, she wanted to learn more in the interview related industries, or previous job with their career planning sub answer the answer is best positive of.
2.I hope to get a better job if the opportunity comes, I will take. I think that the present work, has peaked, that is, there is no opportunity for advancement.

27.To talk about your views on the industry, technology trends?

Prompt answer: very interested on this issue, only the job seekers come prepared to cross the border. Job seekers can find the information of the industry sector you are applying directly online, only in-depth understanding in order to produce a unique perspective. The companies believe that the smartest job seekers advance knowledge of a lot of the interview the company, including companies in various sectors, developments in the understanding of the situation may be mentioned at the time of the interview to answer questions, welcome people into the business is "confidant" rather than "blind."

28. The expectations and objectives of the work?

Answered Tip: This is the interviewer to judge job seekers if they have a certain degree of expectation, this work is understanding. Work really learning objectives usually learn faster, naturally easier to get into the new job, then I suggest you to find a definite answer, it is best for the nature of the work, such as the work of the clerk can answer: My goal is to become a super salesman, to sell out the company's products to achieve the best performance results; To achieve this goal, I will study hard, and I believe I am a serious and responsible attitude, will be able to achieve this goal. "other kind of work can also be mutatis mutandis, in this way to answer, as long as the target slightly modified it.

29. And your family?

Answered Tip: ask the family business interview and not have to know the job seeker families to explore the privacy, the companies do not like to explore the personal privacy, but to understand the shape and influence of family background on job seekers. The companies want to hear the focus is the positive impact of the family of job seekers. Most like to hear is: I love my family, my family has always been a very harmonious, although my father and mother are all human, but from childhood, I saw my father is from dawn to dusk, daily work, especially hard-working, his actions virtually cultivate a serious and responsible attitude and hard-working spirit. My mother is kind-hearted man, and the enthusiasm of people, especially helpful, so good karma in the unit, her words and deeds have also been taught the truth in life. The companies believe that a harmonious family relationship has a subtle effect on a person's growth.

30. You are applying for this position, you think you still lack?

The answer Tip: companies like to ask job seekers weaknesses, but the savvy job seekers are generally not directly answer. They want to see this job-seekers: to continue to repeat their own advantage, and then said: "For this position and my ability, I believe he is competent, but lack of experience, I think I can enter the company the shortest possible time, a strong ability to learn, I believe that can be quickly integrated into the company's corporate culture, to enter the work state. "companies like cleverly escaped the problem of job seekers.

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