65 Skills to Introduce Yourself During the Interview (3)

31. And you appreciate what kind of character?

Answered Tip: honest, flexible and easy to get along with people, "real action".

32. How do you normally handle criticism?

Answered Tip:
1.The silence is golden, do not say anything, otherwise the situation is worse, but I will accept constructive criticism. 2. I will wait for everyone to calm down and discuss it.

33. How you handle your failure?

The prompt answer: all of us was born perfect, I believe I have a second chance to correct my mistake.

34. What makes you a sense of accomplishment?

Answered Tip: the best of my ability, to do my best to complete a project.

35. The most important in your life right now is what?

Answered Tip: For me, the work can be found in this area is the most important in your company told me that the most important.

36. Why are you willing to work to our company?

Answered Tip: For this problem, you have to be careful if you have the unit studied, you can answer some of the detailed reasons," as the company's high-tech development environment is very appealing to me. "," I was born with the company in the same era, I hope to be able to enter a growing company. "," You have been stable development in recent years in the market is very competitive. "," I think your company can give me a different path of development. "This all shows you have done some research also shows you have a more specific vision on their own future.

37. If the others had a disagreement you? How do you solve it?

Answered Tip: This is the most dangerous problem in the interview, in fact, the examiner laid a trap, do not say the fault of anyone, should know to successfully resolve the contradiction is the essential ability of a collaborative group members. If you work in a service industry, this problem has simply become one of the most important aspect. If you can get the job, will depend on the answer to this question. The examiners want to see you are mature and ready to sacrifice. Through this issue for your maturity and life skills. Without outside interference, compromise is the correct answer.

38. What things you have done most to feel proud?

Answered Tip: This is the examiner to give you a chance to show you the ability to hold their own destiny. This will reflect your potential leadership skills, as well as the possibility of you have been promoted. If you applying for a unit of the nature of the services, you are very likely to be invited to lunch. Remember: your future depends on your knowledge, your social skills and overall performance.

39. New to a department one day a customer came to you to solve the problem, you want him, but always reach the people get satisfaction, he complained that the low efficiency of your department, you are at this time how to make?

Answer the prompts:
1. First, I will remain calm. Encountered in the work as a staff a variety of problems, the key is how to understand it, a positive response, and properly handle.
2. Second, I will reflect on the reasons of customer dissatisfaction. First, look at on their own to solve the problem, there is indeed a considered and thoughtful place to see if customers do not quite understand the service requirements beyond the requirements, the third is to see whether customers understand the relevant provisions, But the request made by unreasonable.
3. Again, according to the reason to take the relative response. If it is indeed thoughtful, in accordance with service requirements to make reasonable arrangements to customers to explain; if customers do not quite understand the policies and regulations caused by misunderstanding, I will give him further explanation, to remove his misunderstanding ; If the customer requests do not meet the policy requirements, I clearly pointed out to him.
4. The handling of the whole thing again, I will make it clear to the leadership and hope to get his understanding and support.
5. I will not because of customer complaints I lost the enthusiasm and motivation of the work, but will continue to keep in mind the purpose for customer service and strive to be a leading trust as soon as possible, be assured that customer satisfaction, staff.

40. This work, you have the foreseeable difficulties?

Answer Tip:
1. You should not be directly answered the specific difficulties, or it may make the other suspected candidates can not. 2. 2. You can try diversionary tactics to say the candidates on the difficulties the attitude - the work of some of the difficulties is normal and inevitable, but as long as there is perseverance, a good spirit of cooperation and prior thorough and sufficient preparation, any difficulties can be overcome.
Analysis: The general asked that question, interview those who wish to, as it has been talking about the details of the work, but the answer in the conventional thinking, but also the interviewer, "cheat". When the interviewer asks this question has two purposes. First, look at the candidates is not a line, say the difficulty is not in this position are generally unavoidable. Second, to see the candidates to solve the difficulties in the way right, and the company can provide such resources. Instead want to know the attitude of candidates difficult.

41. If I hire you, how will you work?

Answered Tip:
1. If the candidates for the position you apply for a lack of understanding, it is best not to directly tell the specific measures of their own work.
2. You can try to answer using devious tactics, such as "first listen to the instructions and requirements of leadership, then to understand and become familiar with the situation, then develop the work plan and report to the leadership of a recent approval of the final work according to plan."
Analysis: The main purpose of this question is to understand the candidate's ability to work and planning, clarity, and focus you want to know the details. To thinking about the diversionary tactics, the interviewer will think that evading the question, if the boot a few times still be avoided, this will never hired.

42. You hope to work with what superiors?

Answer the prompts:
1. Candidate on a higher level of "hope" can determine candidate requirements for self-awareness, both on a trap, but also an opportunity.
2. Best to avoid the higher specific hope to talk about their own requirements.
3. If "as the newcomers just entered the community, I should ask for more as soon as possible familiar with the environment, adapt to the environment, and should not make any demands on the environment, as long as my expertise can play on it.
Analysis: This question better answered yes, my superiors at work to me more guidance, quick to point out errors in my work. In short, from the parent to guide this talk, there will be no major flaws.

43. In the completion of a work, you think that the leadership requirements is not the best, there are better ways, how do you do?

Answer the prompts:
1. In principle, I will respect and obey the leadership of the organization of work; at the same time look for opportunities to consult tone, melody express their own thoughts private to see the leadership of whether to change the idea.
2. If the leaders did not take my advice, I also will be required by the leadership of carefully to get the job done.
3. In another case, if the leadership requirements of way contrary to principle, I will strongly raised objections, such as the leadership is still stubborn, I would not hesitate to superiors again to reflect.

44. First, with superior views, how would you do?

Answer the prompts:
1. You can generally answer "I will give superior to the necessary explanations and reminded, in this case, I will obey the superior views."
2. If you're interviewing with is the general manager, the post you are applying for another a manager and the manager was not present, you can answer: "For non-issues of principle, I will obey their superiors views, the major issues involving the interests of the company, I want to reflect to a more senior leadership."
Analysis: The standard answer for this problem is the idea of 1,if your answer is 2 it is certain death. You do not get a clear idea to change the company's internal situation, first think of a switch, such a person no one would dare to be.

45. Your lack of experience, how can do this work?

Conventional ideas:
1. Hiring graduates of candidates to raise this issue, indicating that the hiring company does not really care about the "experience", the key to see how the candidates answered.
2. The best answer to this question should reflect the candidate's sincere, witty, courageous and dedicated.
3. Such as "graduates, in terms of work experience would indeed be lacking in the study period, I have been a part-time use of the opportunities in this industry. I also found out the actual work than book knowledge is rich, complex, but I have a strong sense of responsibility, adaptability and learning ability, and more hard work, so the successful completion of the work in part-time could obtain experience I benefited greatly please your company rest assured, the school learned and part-time work experience I have qualified for this position. "Review: the answer to this question ideas is acceptable, highlighting the own hardship ability and adaptability and learning ability (not academic) as well.

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