65 Skills to Introduce Yourself During the Interview (4)

46. What is your previous one reason for leaving?

Answered Tip:
1. The most important thing is: the candidates make to find recruiters believe that candidates in the previous units "Reason for leaving" does not exist in this hiring.
2. To avoid too detailed, too specific reasons for departure.
3. Do not doped subjective negative feelings, such as "too hard" and "complex interpersonal relations", "Management is too confusing," the company does not focus on talent, "the company exclusion of certain of our employees".
4. But can not dodge, evade, such as "want a change of environment", "personal reasons".
5. Can not involve their own negative personality traits, such as dishonesty, laziness, lack of sense of responsibility not easygoing.
6. As far as possible the reasons explained in the personal image of the candidate luster.
7. Examples: "I am leaving because of the collapse of this company; I worked for three years in the company, there are deeper feelings; from the beginning of last year, the mutations due to market conditions, the company's situation worsened; to now this step, I think Unfortunately, but also face re looking to play my ability to stage the same interview questions is not only an answer with an answer is not in any interview occasions are valid, the key candidates to master the law , to grasp the specific circumstances of the interview, and consciously try to figure out the psychological background of the interviewer to ask questions, and then match up.
Analysis: Unless the salary is too low, or the initial work, do not use salary as a reason. "Development" also be examiners have heard too much, leaving reason to be designed according to each person's real reason for resignation, but the answer was sincere. Really could not think of home in the field can be said that something, because the family must leave a few months, the company has not granted leave of absence, so resigned, the answer is generally the interviewer can accept.

47.  Your lack of experience, how can do this work?

The answer Tip:
1. If the recruitment unit graduates candidates to raise this issue, indicating that recruitment firms do not really care about the "experience", the key to see how the candidates answered.
2. The best answer to this question should reflect the candidate's sincere, witty, courageous and dedicated.
3. Such as "graduates, in terms of work experience would indeed be lacking in the study period, I have been a part-time use of the opportunities in this industry. I also found out the actual work than book knowledge is rich, complex, but I have a strong sense of responsibility, adaptability and learning ability, and more hard work, so the successful completion of the work in part-time could obtain experience I benefited greatly please your company rest assured, the school learned and part-time work experience makes me qualified for this position. "
Analysis: The answer is acceptable in this issue idea. Outstanding own hardship ability and adaptability and learning ability (not academic).

48. In order to do things in your work duties, you how to get support and help of others?

Answered Tip: every company in a constantly evolving process, and of course you want your employees as well. You want to get those people hope and welcome change, because these people understand that in order to the company's development, the change is an important part of the company's daily life. Such employees are often very easy to adapt to changes in the company, and will change to make a positive response.

49. If you are in the interview has not been hired, how do you intend?

Tip: Today's society is a competitive society, from this interview can also be seen that this competition is bound to have advantages and disadvantages, success will certainly will fail. Often behind the success of many difficulties and setbacks, if this fails just once, only the accumulation of experience after experience in order to create a complete winner. From the following aspects to a correct view of this failure:
1. Should have the courage to face the face of this failure is not discouraged, to accept the opportunity has been lost will not be back this reality, from the mental will and spirit reflect on the failure of the resistance. Be confident, believe that their own experience the efforts can do it, to go beyond the self.
2. Good reflection, conscientiously sum up the interview experience, thinking profiling can gauge the distance from their own point of view. Correctly deal realistically evaluate their own dialectical view of their length of pros and cons, make a sensible.
3. Out of the shadows, to overcome a failure to bring psychological pressure, always bear in mind their weaknesses and take preventive measures to enhance learning, improve their own quality.
4. Serious work, back to the original unit positions, to actually get down to work, 16 line, the very best, and strive to make certain results in this post.
5. The redouble their efforts to become a national civil service has always been my dream, if given the opportunity to compete again I still.

50. If you going to send abroad students to the airport can be temporary unit something you do not, how do you do?

Answer Hint: I think the work is the first, but friends friendship can not be neglected, the problem I think according to the specific situation at the time to decide.
1. If the aircraft in 21:00 my friend, I work overtime to complete eight, it is best to finish work to the airport, everyone is happy.
2. If the work is not an emergency, overtime is only able to report to the office in order to work tomorrow, can fight with the leadership say hello, go to the airport and then back to work overtime, delayed sleep it wants.
3. If the work is urgent, both can not take into account the circumstances, I think the two options.
A. If not all units have to work overtime, can not want to colleagues instead of following the work of their own to the airport, even if it is instead that you leave for a while.
B. If it can not, it had to loyalty can not be reconciled, and call a friend to explain, I believe he will understand, after all the work done on the end, friends, or meet again.

51. Talk about the success stories you have done in the past?

Answered Tip: To give a most certain examples, the ins and outs of it clear, instead of saying a lot but not focused. Avoid exaggeration to say that the other people's credit, a lot of managers in order to ensure that it is easy to use is the most appropriate, will call to you before a competent consultation on your views and opinions, so if the lie is wear a bang.

52. Talk about your past work experience, what setbacks you things?

Tip:had contact with a client,had heard them well-known to the fastidious, so your homework done very fully, and also invested considerable time and effort, the final customer does not accept, but accept the extent of caught us by surprise. Thought from this can be good co-operation, but was informed that the customers last selected other agents due to budgetary relations, previous efforts and thus wasted. Nevertheless, I have learned from this experience a lot, such as the understanding of the industry, the tacit agreement of the entire team better.
Analysis: to understand your frustration tolerance and mediation.

53. How to organize your time? Will exclusion overtime?

Answered Tip: Basically, if you go to work efficiency, a reasonable workload, it should be less need for overtime. But I also know sometimes it is difficult to avoid overtime, and now use accountability, so I will deploy their own time, to fully cooperate.
Analysis: not someone willing to work overtime, but still want to show the sincerity of the high co-ordination.

54. Why do we want in the many interviewers you?

The prompt answer: according to my understanding of your company, and I have accumulated in this work are professionalism, experience and contacts, I believe It is your company looking for talent. I work attitude, EQ, but also there is harmony, mature, and supervisors, colleagues can cooperate happily.
Analysis: brag about their abilities, or boasted chaos checks do not overdo it, for example, will bring the company how much money business, it is easy to give a bouncer, unrealistic feeling.

55. The expectations of this position?

Tip:and hope to play I have learned and expertise, but also to absorb the experience of your company in this respect, the company, I personally create a "win-win" situation.
Analysis: The answer may wish to ask the company the responsibility of the duties identified and vested in, because every company's situation is different, so as not to say a bunch of aspirations but found irrelevant.

56. Why did you choose this job?

Prompt answer: This has been my interest and expertise, honed over the past few years, has accumulated some experience and contacts, I believe I qualified for this office.
Analysis: a timely manner to cite the "feats", showing you familiar with the degree of this office, but avoid too exaggerated to describe or stream in to show off.

57.  Why choose our company?

Answered Tip: have read reports on your company in newspapers and magazines, to concur with their pursuit of the concept. The results of your company in the industry are obvious, and employee education and training, promotion, also have a great system.
Analysis: doing homework, understand the company's background to the interview, the other person that you're really thinking of getting the job, not just test the waters Road.

58. Do you think you're a good student in school?

Answered Tip: corporate recruiters are very smart to ask this question can test a lot of problems: If the job-seekers, good academic performance, would say: "my good grades, all the results are excellent, of course, to judge a student is not a good student there are many standards, I think that during the school performance is important, other aspects of the ideological and moral, practical experience, teamwork, communication skills are very important, I have done well in these areas , I should say is an all-round development of students. "If job seekers are less than ideal results, it will say:" I think it is not a good standard of students is diverse, my grades can also be in other areas performance is also very prominent, for example, I went to many parts of the internship, I like to work in fast-paced and pressure in the Student Union organized a × × activities, exercise, team spirit and organizational capacity. "experience recruitment one will understand that companies like honest candidate.

59. Talk about how to adapt to the new environment of the office work?

The answer prompted
1. Office each have their respective roles and responsibilities shall not be absent without leave.
2. According to the instructions of leadership and organization of work, develop work plans, prepare in advance, completed according to plan.
3. More referrals and timely reporting of encounter do not understand to be consulted widely.
4. Grab the gap time to learn, to strive to improve their political quality and professional level.

60, work to learn what?

Prompt answer: It is proposed for transfer, it is recommended that can match the characteristics of the job interview as the main basis to answer, such as business needs to communicate with others, you can cite examples of previous work with people to communicate, has experienced What are the difficulties, to learn what experience to capitalize on these points to make a presentation, you can easily get away with it.

61. Have thought about entrepreneurship?

Answer Hint: This problem can show you the momentum, but if your answer is "yes", then, do be careful, the next question is: So why you do not do this it?

62. In addition to our company, also candidates which companies?

Answered Tip: very strange, this is quite a lot of companies will be asked questions, the intention is to briefly know the aspirations of the candidate's job, so this is not absolutely negative answer, even if inconvenient to say the company name should also answer "sales with products company, if the candidates of the other company is a different industry, likely to create the feeling can not be trusted.

63. When reporting for duty?

Answered Tip: most businesses are concerned about the inauguration time, the best answer "If hired, reporting for duty, under the date according to the company at work" has not yet resigned last job, work time and too close, it seems that some inconsiderate because the transfer of at least a month's time, should be further explanation, admitted company should be accommodating.

64. You are not graduated from prestigious institutions?

Prompted to answer: whether a graduate of the brand-name institutions are unimportant, it is important to have the ability to complete your given to my work, I accepted the  Jade Bird of vocational training, to master the skills now work in your company fully capable of, and I am than some brand-name the ability of the graduates of the institutions but also, I think I'm more suited to this position of the Company.

65. How do you think about degree and ability?

Answer hints: degree I think as long as is the junior college degree, it can show that think that I have the fundamental learning ability. The rest of them, you are a bachelor's  or Ph.D. All right, to this discussion, not see you learned much knowledge, but see you be in this field exert what, also is the ability of said. A personal work ability directly to the workplace fate, and degree of high and low just into an enterprise open sesame, if your company to education on the doctor, I can't enter your company, of course, this doesn't have is only my personal loss, if a junior college students will be able to complete the work, and why have you for a doctor.

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