five of the most troublesome problem women give to man

A woman in love most of the issues raised by a man, that man will always surprise. The question of woman in the eyes of these men is really a headache problems, it is a little vexatious. Would like to ask a large number of female friends: ask these questions, to vexatious really thinking about it? In fact, not entirely, since ancient times, these problems do not have a standard answer, a woman just curious how a man will give the answer, or perhaps holding the fractious state of mind to ask. For men, women encounter no need to ask the question angry, or to answer truthfully, or melt your spoiled woman spread with your inundant gentle , she will soon be tamed of you.

Problem one: Am i good-looking on with this dress in your mind?

Men are most afraid of shopping together with women, because a woman with the exception of visiting one day do not feel tired beyond, a woman will ask questions such as this or that, say incessantly. Women like shopping together with men , not because a woman bored, but because the woman's care. Women care about the man, so she hopes no matter what time he could stay with her, she is to wear nice clothes to him, she wants to do in his eyes the most beautiful woman.
A woman do not care about you, she will not care about any of your evaluation of her, because she has nothing to do with you. For this reason, a man in answer to this question of women should be passionate, do not hurt the woman's true feelings.

Problem two:After the introduction to his girlfriends , asked when get home : "How do you think about my friends?"

Love is selfish, every woman would like to have loved a man full of love. Women ask this question because of her guilty conscience, because girlfriend is very good . Women ask this question is a reminder, no matter how good her girlfriends are, she is your wife.There is a lot of cases carrying out his girlfriend take an ambiguous relation with her girlfriends, girlfriends seduce their husband is also a lot of examples, no matter the reasons, women do not want such a thing happen to herself, caution is nothing bad. If a man is not guilty, it should answer this question out loud, and very willing to answer this question.

Problem three: I compared your ex-girlfriend, which one do you prefer?

As long as the other is not the first in love, I'm afraid all the women will ask this question. Advantages and disadvantages of each woman is different, we do not deny your ex-girlfriend's good, but no matter how good she was and then you break up is a fact that belongs only once to have her good. Forget the pain of the previous paragraph, will begin a new romance. Not let girlfriend leave you for now because of own stupid , so not worth it.
Perhaps in your mind, she is not good as your ex-girlfriend, but so what? She now is your genuine girlfriend, since it has been selected together, they should cherish, rather than clinging to the past and holding. Once you have sad, do not let the people around you sad because of your past , learned to relax. Sure to tell the girlfriend: no matter how good she is only in the past, but you are now and my future.

Problem four: If your mother and I both fell into the river, which one would you save first?

This is a very difficult question, whether any party will tend to hurt the other party.Your mother gave you life and took care of you and your wife is the people with you over a lifetime. Some people say that first save the mother, a wife can remarry. Some people say that first save my wife, my mother older, the son is still small, he can not be without mother.
Standing love of tower cranes, we are unable to maintain balance, who can guarantee that he can do equal justice. To pursue this issue with the reason that was not useful, it's like chicken and egg, the answer is a matter of opinion. Not the same as each person's view, the answer is naturally not the same. But be sure: when his wife would not ask that question in front of my mother certainly , you want to appease his wife answered her first save her chanting. Mom will not ask you the question so difficult, so do not worry.

Problem five: I am old and ugly if you still love me?

Face is that we can not control in all life, because the face is slowly getting old behind the passage of time. Women entrust the rest to a man need in a lot of courage, it can not avoid asking this question. After decades of a woman understand things no one way to ensure, so far as the same commitment to be a woman or a man hoping to get a definite answer, so she will feel at ease.
You do not want your woman with you the day it had suspense, if you do not want to give her a definite answer, so her peace of mind. Of course, only lip service is of no use, action should also be used to prove. Most women will be gentle melt, in the face of a woman ask your question, you just tell her: you can think of the most romantic thing is getting old with her. I believe she will be very impressed listening!
Some people say that women are human angels fall to the ground , and when choose together with a man she loved she broken wings, and forever remain in the world, stay in love forever around. With her life is that man's care and concern having children for him, and marching along shoulder to shoulder
Women spend their whole lives always such things, they asked those question.

s are not silly, just because of care. Lifetime, a person, a situation. Men should not feel a headache, the face of a woman ask you these questions, you should feel lucky because you have lived deep in her heart.

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