The Five Unique Skills for Writing Your Twitter
A lot of young people are learning to use Twitter, but how to make good use of  Twitter ? The beginning of a lot of people using the Twitter will have more or less confused. For example ,the others' Twitter flourished as a venue.but  myself do not know what to write better. Wrote a lot,but is unable to attract the attention of others.Using Twitter a long time,but the number of fans maybe is 0.It is too depressed.

In fact, writing good on Twitter  is not difficult.I think, first we must understand Twitter platform features,then we will use or play the Twitter better.
Here, I summarize  several unique skills to make good use of  Twitter, hoping to be useful to young friends.

1.The Twitter must write yourself,thus it will attract any fans.

Twitter is a new social media.On one hand, the Twitter is easy to use, anytime and anywhere we can get started.But on the other hand, used the Twitter also need to change the way of thinking, do not always hold the old ideas of posting articles and blogs. Easy to say,Twitter is a big stage that self-oriented, freedom to create unique content, trying to attract the fans attention and to make friends. The most popular Twitter released the highest quality, and usually has the following characteristics:

(1)Have personality and performance of desire,can express and display themselves.
(2)Have social charm,can attract people's attention.
(3)Interesting, not boring, not parroting.
(4)Provide the most valuable and exclusive information.
(5)Daily update Twitter, but not nagging.
(6)Often interact with fans or other users.
(7)The type of Twitter content is more varied,and the proportion of content is more balanced.
(8)Know how to promote their own Twitter cleverly , but not self-praise and show off.

2.What's your Twitter location ?

After the newcomers just open a new Twitter account, do not rush to write your Twitter. If you want make your Twitter successfully  you must make full preparations.
First of all, in order to be good Twitter position, to see the following two questions?
(1) Whom do you write Twitter for? For friends and relatives ,or yourself, or any  specific group of people?
(2)What do write Twitter for? To record your own lives, to make friends, to learn the knowledge, technology,to share ideas, experiences, to influence others, to show yourselves, or for leisure, entertainment?
Answer these questions, you will know what should you write. For example, if it is written for travel enthusiasts,  publish some interesting photos of previous travel, or useful tourist information. If only for family and friends to write, you can write anything.If you want to attract fans or make friends, you must learn skills of writing and attracting fans.

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