Ten Unexpected Invention Products

Sometimes, the accident is not necessarily a bad thing, all the ten products below are not deliberately produced, just because some coincidence. They are invented out and become the important things in our lives.We take a look at what kind of these products.


In Cardy shepherd legend an Ethiopia shepherd discovered his goats performance excited after  have eaten some red berrieshe. So he did some tests on himself, and verify that the changes of mood. he bring these berries to a local imam and gradually developed the method of eating that prior baking, and then added in batches in the boiling water .Then coffee was invented.



2.Play-doh clay

children s favorite toy Play doh clay

This children's toy originally just is a cleaner used to clean wallpaper.Then become the children's favorite toy.

3.Potato chips

Potato chips

In 1855, Chef George met a troublesome customer, because he always  sent crisps back to the kitchen and complain potato chips not crisp  enough. George is no way to have to cut the potatoes  extremely thin to fry, then add some salt. This crisp enough potato chips was famous soon in England.And name it with the invention place , called Saratoga potato chips.



Viagra is invention by Pfizer scientists, it is a drug used to treat heart disease. But the drug has a side effect of carrying blood to a region of the human body, which is  very effective for the treatment of men's erectile dysfunction.So it was famous by the male medication.

5.Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies

A hotel owner Ruth Wakefield,when baking chocolate snack for her guests, did not  dissolved all of the crushed flour together. But the opposite guests really like the taste of this chocolate chip cookies because they containchocolate particles, can feel the fragrant smell of chocolate eating.Become the favorite Biscuits of most girls.

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