Ten Unexpected Invention Products

6.Microwave oven

first Microwave oven

In 1945, an engineer working for Raytheon Company found that,when he was working next to a military radar equipment  his candy melted in his  pocket. He realized that the radiation may roast of the candy. So the inventor Percy Spencer invented the microwave first .Then the microwave oven height is almost only five feet.



The firework is invented in China 2,000 years ago.The legend is a cook accidentally mixed  sulfur,charcoal and saltpeter in,some of the substances which is easily found in the kitchen at that time  eventually produce the fireworks.It is just a mistake.

8.Rogaine hair regrowth treatment

Rogaine hair regrowth treatment

The Rogaine hair regrowth treatment was found, because the scientists  accidentally noticed a phenomenon  that, some patients taking some kind of anti-blood pressure drugs conversely makes their hair becomes much and dense.So they made this germinal liquid as the Rogaine hair regrowth treatment.

9.Ice lolly

first Ice lolly

In 1905, 11 years old Frank forgotten his tool making soda water in the outside all night. The next day, a stick for mixing soda water and some spices water frozen in together, this is the first birth of the ice lolly.But until two decades later, Frank just applied his ice lolly production technology patent.

10.Ivory soap

Ivory soap

In 1879,  a soap manufacturing worker of the Procter & Gamble Company did not realize that he would have a new invention when going to lunch .He forgot to turn off the soap mixer, and let the air more than the normal into the company's producing  white soap, fearing  his own mistakes would cause him into trouble.So he conceal his mistake, still normal packaging and shipping to parts of the world.But soon, customers began requesting ordering more of this soap can float.Then the company's executives found the reason of this event, and the ivory soap became the most successful product of the company.

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