168 tips for health benefits

1.washing feet by cold water is harmful to health.
2.Summer eating more bitter is benefit to health.
3.drink plenty of water can prevent kidney stones.
4.the summer should not be naked body to sleep.
5.in winter keeping health should eat hot porridge.
6.in winter baths should not be more.
7.in winter should not be long-term stay in a warm room.
8.in winter should not stay long in the mist.
9.should not be a winter scarf when masks with.
10.the winter should not wash your hair in the morning.
11.warm-up activities.fitness is very important.
12.sports injuries should be  cold processing.
13.walk right amount can make the brain young.
14.walking is the most conducive to the health of the elderly.
15.take a deep breath unfavorable healthy aging.
16.the elderly doing morning exercises should eat.
17.a cup of milk after exercise.
18.adequate sleep only healthy.
19.emotions poor will lead to stomach problems.
20.the mobile phone film will damage the eyes.
21.employees should not be in the office to eat lunch.
22.a nap can help prevent coronary heart disease.
23.should not be fried in boiling water for traditional Chinese medicine.
24.serving traditional Chinese medicine should not be sugar.
25.can not use 95% alcohol disinfection.
26.sunshine every day over three hours be considered healthy housing.
27.broken tiles radiation.
28.bedroom windows to keep the seam to help sleep.
29.early in the morning should not be windows open for ventilation.
30.the hot water bottle is more beneficial than blanket health.
31.should not use plastic bags to save the fruits and vegetables.
32.chopsticks best changed every six months.
33.bleeding gums to replace the brush as soon as possible.
34.correct brushing important than choosing toothpaste.
35.to get up not immediately make your bed.
36.drying the quilt can not be beat.
37.fasting should not drink honey.
38.drink honey hangover.
39.the Chinese pay attention to early drinking salt water to drink honey night.
40.mainly vegetarian is more suitable for Chinese people.
41.kelp can prevent high blood pressure.
42.cold water wash benefits.
43.brush your teeth to use warm water.
44.feet to use the hot water.
45.foot cold colds.
46.dry chewing foods to prevent brain aging.
47.the morning sun conducive to winter health.
48.Alice his legs will affect their health.
49.wearing a hat should not be too tight.
50.often hair healthy.
51.long smile and their health.
52.choking back tears equal to suicide.
53.when urinating.his teeth healthy.
54.can not Wuzui sneeze.
55.morning a glass of water is very important.
56.boiled water over three days to not drink.
57.daily cup of coffee benefits.
58.the coffee is hot drink to go.
59.drink a cup of coffee and prone to high blood pressure.
60.drinking tea beneficial to enhance memory.
61.green tea beneficial to prevention and treatment of hepatitis liver cancer.
62.Sterculia lychnophora tea should not be long-term consumption.
63.a cold should not drink Kudingcha.
64.no application of the insulation cup of tea.
65.two hours after dinner.drinking yogurt.
66.should not be is fasting Suannai.
67.drank should Kou boiled water.
68.drinks the milk is more healthy.
69.the milk should not be brown sugar,eggs drinking from the same.
70.the liquor should not be a substitute for wine cooking.
71.eat seafood should not drink beer.
72.the fish can keep the blood vessels of young
73.the throat fishbone card should not be vinegar treatment.
74.high cholesterol eat squid.
75.jellyfish can cure high blood pressure.
76.the flesh-eating too much is hazardous to health.
77.fractures early should not drink the soup bones.
78.the chicken soup is not the first salt.
79.fever eggs unfit for human consumption.
80.boiled eggs should not eat more.
81.steamed rice is more beneficial than zinc.
82.porridge and cooking can not put the base.
83.dumplings nutritional comprehensive.
84.the food should not be hot to eat.
85.eat black food kidney.
86.eat corn benefits.
87.should not eat openings roasted chestnut.
88.eat more walnuts good for the heart.
89.Peanut anti-aging effects.
90.eat peanuts may prevent gallstones.
91.eat raw peanuts can cure stomach ailments.
92.vinegar foam peanuts can soften blood vessels.
93.the watermelon should not be refrigerated for a long time.
94.grapes have to protect the liver.
95.strawberries helps prevent radiation.
96.sugar cane known as blood fruit.
97.apple nutrition is comprehensive.
98.Apple can lower blood pressure.lowering the fat content.protect the prostate.the prevention of lung cancer.
99.dates to enhance the body immunity.
100.Hawthorn prone to cause stones in the stomach.
101.kidney disease should not eat star fruit.
102.the bananas are cheap diet pills.
103.the waist is too tight can cause hemorrhoids.
104.mango health effects.
105.rotten fruit rotten part is also toxic.
106.fruits better than vegetables are nutritious.
107.papaya can increase gastrointestinal motility.
108.aloe vera can ease sub.
109.carrots lowering blood pressure.
110.carrot under the reception poisoning.
111.radish cabbage should not be mixed with food.
112.ginseng and radish can not eat.
113.broccoli nutritional value.
114.toon covered drugs is a treasure.
115.toon need scalded with boiling water.
116.Tomatoes are sun damage.
117.soak dry long mushroom is best to use warm water.
118.to eat meat should eat vegetables.
119.eat cabbage benefits.
120.leeks can be kidney yang.
121.eggplant beneficial to lower cholesterol.
122.onions can protect blood vessels.
123.cooking the thicken help protect the stomach.
124.cucumber.tomatoes can not eat.
125.bean sprouts fried food.
126.before meals should not eat tomatoes.
127.yams and winter tonic.
128.tofu eating more the body harmful.
129.unhealthy fried tofu.
130.sweet potato leaves are a treasure.
131.sweet potatoes have dark spots can not eat.
132.the diet should eat pepper.
133.eat more MSG affect vision.
134.more salt to make the blood pressure.
135.dried seaweed a long soak to the removal of arsenic.
136.kelp is not more "green" as possible.
137.black fungus the best effect of iron supplementation.
138.garlic should be eaten raw.
139.sesame oil is more suitable for the elderly to eat.
140.yuba in the nutritional value of soy products.
141.medlar can a strong Jingzhuang body ".
142.angelica can enhance gastrointestinal absorption.
143.Tianma stewed chicken is not desirable.
144.men should not sleep on.
145.after dinner smoking more dangerous.
146 children anorexia and more jealous.
147.children eat bread.
148.using chopsticks to promote early childhood neurodevelopment.
149.students should not be compensated for dinner.
150.children is not appropriate to use cod liver oil.
151.fruity dimension C can not let the children When sweets.
152.breakfast oats to help memory.
153.nose bleeding Keep your head down.
154.children turn on the lights to sleep to increased cancer rates.
155.table tennis and the prevention of myopia in children.
156.children can not eat hawthorn films.
157.the children candy and more losing her temper.
158.children eating sweets easy frail.
159.children should not always take the cough syrup.
160.the game is very important to young children's psychological development.
161.during the day and need to make more baby movement.
162.children taking to drink plenty of water.
163.dosing can not use the milk to the children.
164.color T-shirt to better resist the sun.
165.after taking a bath should not be make-up immediately.
166.the sun can not wash your face with hot water.
167.the effect of bitter gourd mutton soup Acne.

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