When we browse the  web sites first time ,we have no experience at internet skills,there are five little internet skills for the novice.

The first one: sometimes when browsing the web, one site has not be read, but we want to open a new link, you can right click and select "Open link in a new window", or hold down [Shift] and click the mouse left-click, that you can open the page in a new window.
The second one: most web pages are "www.***.com" form, when you open a web page so you can type "***" in the address bar , then click [Ctrl] + [Enter] this can  launch this site fast.
The third one: some sites every time we have to browse on the internet, first enter the site, then click the menu [Tools] → [Internet Options] choose to use the current page, and then confirm, so whenever you open IE, the page you selected  will automatically open.

The fourth one: You can also click "start" to open "Run" and type the sites address in the input box  so that the computer will automatically launch a browser to open the page.

The fifth one: some pages when you right-click, there will be "Sorry, can not use this feature", you can use "Hold down the left-click and then right click, then release the left-click, and finally release the right-click" approach to cracking.

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This address is http://www.computerites.com/internet-skills/2011/12/five-little-internet-skills-175.html