Six Skills of Browsing Webs safely
I believe the Internet security affects every Internet user, how can we ensure our own security from external attack, and then, here are eight skills to share for everyone, I hope you can add and discuss.

1.Ensure the Internet environment is safe

Access Internet in our own homes. Because we can not confirm the other computer is safe,but we can ensure our family's computer security.

2.Use secure e-mail system

Make sure to use Gmail, Hotmail and other mail system of the large-scale servicers.Ensure that all outgoing email does not contain its own IP address, for example, in the WEB interface of Gmail to send mail, the message will not contain the IP address, use the Outlook client to send will contain the IP address.

3. Delete or turn off unnecessary services and network protocols

We just use the Internet as long as TCP / IP protocol, so we can get rid of the extra network protocol. It is the same to computer services, such as turn off IIS Services and Remote Desktop Services.

4.Disconnect the network cable immediately after abnormal is found

If you find that connection speed suddenly slow down and observe the abnormal connection status of the "bytes were sent" , it means that the computer can be invaded, disconnect the network cable before it is processed detecting the virus.

5.Use a firewall

You can open the Windows firewall service, and also install some other firewall systems, such as the gratuitous ARP firewall.

6.Use the anti-virus software regularly to detect virus

Prevent local computer virus , you can regularly run anti-virus softwares and other security software to check system security and vulnerability, delete virus promptly.

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