How to View the Private Twitter Tweets Profiles
Twitter can a place for exchanging quick thoughts with the world, but some users prefer to your Twitter profiles updates private, so consider these protected tweets only those people, where they permission to follow them granted be. If a single user his tweets profiles is protected, you can not see the Tweets on the person, the Twitter account or other backdoor method. However, can a user protected tweets by you through the account of a successor.
To Twitter in your Web browser, and the name of the user of who its protected Twitter profiles updates you want to, follow. Click a pendant that can't find a private Twitter account on each icon of the user's follower list, until you. Record the name of the trailer.
Type " [user]. XML"in the address bar of your Web browser. Take the [user] and replace it with the name of the driver you noticed. The XML data page not protected user name is displayed for that, including any protected Tweets.
Press "CTRL + F" to open the search function on your computer. You see the user name of the protected user, whose tweets you want to enter. If the person has tweeted, because the XML page has been updated, the search function finds the name in the XML page. The person who is tweet followed by the text, the user name.
Back to the private Twitter account, if you do not find all the tweets from the person on the side of its first followers. Still other unprotected successor to find, click every follower. Use the " [user]. XML "address to get this question follower XML page.
Repeat the process until you unprotected trailer for best results to get. Different tags XML pages lead to different results, and you can find account that do not appear on foreign protected updates on a trailer.

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