Recently on the local computer to test wordpress ,jquery reported Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method.The reason maybe jquery library conflict, but think of this theme is being used in the current site (website is no problem), in addition to load the jQuery library and some jQuery code, no additional jQuery code. So it should not be a problem here.

Then i think maybe the wordpress plugin caused the problem.After checking contrast, found that localthe the WP-PostViews plug even automatically load jquery library.

Original, if the 'WP_CACHE' open, wp-postviews automatically enable jQuery Ajax to transfer data, and just in this theme WP-Super-Cache plugin enabled, which lead the wp-postviews automatically load jquery library.

Now we can solve this error.

Open the wp-postviews  plugin code to analysis and shielding the plugin jQuery library is loaded,like this

Open the plugin file the wp-postviews.php, find the following code:


Add "//" to shield this row code.This error was solved. 

Of course,maybe not only the wp-postviews  plugin will cause this problem,the other plugins also will cause this problem.If you meet this error,you should check your plugins.


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