China's first self-developed petaflop super computer launchs into applications

After three months of trial operation, all domestic CPU and system software to build China's first petaflop super computer, the three-meter-tall machines are actually part of a single working unit, the Sunway-Bluelight super computer, installed in the super computer center which indicates that China, following the United States, Japan,being the world's third country using self-CPU to build a petaflop super computer.

China finished building the Sunway-Bluelight Super computer last September, just one year after the debut of the Tianhe-1A, which was known as the world's fastest computer before being surpassed by Japan's K computer in June 2011.

Super computers are a must for countries that wish to have a credible say regarding issues such as climate change and disaster relief.Sunway-Bluelight super computer architecture using petaflop frame, the system comprehensive assembly of high-density and low power consumption technology, packing density and a world leader in energy efficiency, system integration level in the world advanced level.

The Sunway performs about one-thousand-trillion calculations per second, ranking it among the 20 fastest super computers in the world.The super computer uses "dense packaging" technology to combine 1,024 16-core CPUs, equaling the computational capacity of a total of 200,000 servers.

The Sunway is about 74 percent as fast as the Jaguar Supercomputer in the United States, which ranks third in the world, although the Sunway is less power-hungry.The Sunway's power consumption is just 1 megawatt, much lower than the Jaguar's 7 megawatts.The super computer's temperature can be decreased by 2 to 3 degrees Celsius without a single cooling fan, thanks to a unique liquid cooling system.

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