Chrome and Firefox fight for  the second position of internet browsers
Google Inc. entered the Internet browser market just in 2008, but the free Chrome software has become the second-ranked browser behind Internet Explorer of Microsoft Corp..

Network analytics company StatCounter said, Chrome's market share has more than Firefox browser developed by non-profit organization Mozilla Foundation, which has gotten Google's support.

Google Chrome's success profits from the product's performance in terms of speed, the rise reflects the browser market is experiencing an upheaval - former Microsoft by bundling IE and the Windows operating system monopolises the market .

Market research firm Gartner Inc.'s Analyst Brad Mitchell Smith said, "It has been found in different browsers each have their own characteristics."

Google CEO Larry Page said earlier this year, "while Google Chrome is not clear how to make money, but hot products emerging in the long term as Google a huge source of new business, which acts as a kind of Research and development as well. "

Google's efforts to develop new browser began in 2006, doing this because companies worry about the browser on the market can not support Google's Internet service, or cause the user to leave the Google search engine.

In recent years, Chrome's promotion to get Google's ad-supported rare - from the home page of Google search engine promotion, outdoor billboards to television commercials, and so forth.

Firefox was available in 2004.After Microsoft Corporation in the 1990s beat Netscape Communications Corporation's browser, it has firmly controlled the dominant market position, the emergence of Firefox is the first time to challenge this monopoly. Google spokesman said company has assisted the financing of Mozilla, and signed an agreement to embed the Google search engine to Firefox, the agreement remains valid.

Mozilla's spokesman said in a statement, "In the face of increasingly fierce competition, Firefox has no fear, we have hundreds of millions of users around the world, they choose Firefox because Firefox only able to meet their needs . "

Recently, Microsoft has upgraded the IE browser, but still is losing market share. According to StatCounter data, as of November 2011, IE browser market share in the world is only a little more than 40%, lower than the 56.6% two years ago. Microsoft spokesman said the company would not comment StatCounter analysis report. However, the company said in a blog post, StatCounter gives some of the data shows that Microsoft's latest browser IE9 rapid growth in the number of users, it's exciting.

According to StatCounter's data, as of November 2011, Chrome's global market share is near 25.7%, 4.7% more than two years ago. Firefox market share to November was 25.2%,less than 32.2% two years ago.

Other research indicated that although the pace of Chrome is fast, but Firefox still holds a slight lead. StatCounter data shows that in the U.S. market, Firefox is still the second largest Internet browser.

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