the Categories of the Mobile Phone Virus

The mobile phone virus in the form can be divided into four categories:

1."wireless transmission" Bluetooth devices spread of viruses such as "Cabir", "Lasco.A".

Small knowledge: Cabir is a network worm that can infect run "Symbian" operating system phone. Use the Bluetooth wireless feature would be close to other vulnerable mobile phone with the virus after scanning, the discovery of vulnerabilities phone, the virus will replicate itself and sent to the phone. Lasco.A viruses and worms, to other phones via Bluetooth wireless transmission, when the user clicks on the virus file, the virus was immediately activated.

2.Mobile phone viruses for mobile communications providers, such as "Mosquito Trojan". Read more

5 Kinds of Resolve to the Lack of Computer Memory

If insufficient memory, computer failure, but you do not want to restart the computer, there are 5 kinds of approach:

1.Clear the contents of the clipboard and temporary files. The clipboard existing section of the text of a picture or a considerable length, occupy a large memory, the solution is: Click "Start" -"Programs" - "Accessories" - "" clipboard viewer program , open the "clipboard Viewer"window, then click the "Edit" menu, "delete command, and finally click" Yes "button.

2.Close common window. If multiple windows are opened, in fact, is to run multiple programs, the memory consumed, followed by close to achieve the purpose of savings. Read more

How to Make Your Wireless Network More Secure

There is no such thing as a 100% secure network. But, the more you secure your network - the more time hackers will have to spend in order to gain access. In other words - potential intruders will NOT find it worth while trying to gain access.

In this article we will concentrate on basic security precautions concerning wireless access points (WAP), e.g. wireless routers.
Following the advice below will give you adequate WAP security.

Password Read more

5 Kinds of Resolve to the Lack of Computer Memory

If insufficient memory let computer failure, but also do not want to restart the computer, there are 5 kinds of approach:

1.Clear the contents of the clipboard. The clipboard existing section of the text of a picture or a considerable length, occupy a large memory, the solution is: Click "Start" -"Programs" - "Accessories" - "" clipboard viewer program , open the "clipboard Viewer"window, then click the "Edit" menu, "delete command, and finally click" Yes "button.
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5 of the Most Troublesome Problem Women Give to Man

 five of the most troublesome problem women give to man

A woman in love most of the issues raised by a man, that man will always surprise. The question of woman in the eyes of these men is really a headache problems, it is a little vexatious. Would like to ask a large number of female friends: ask these questions, to vexatious really thinking about it? In fact, not entirely, since ancient times, these problems do not have a standard answer, a woman just curious how a man will give the answer, or perhaps holding the fractious state of mind to ask. For men, women encounter no need to ask the question angry, or to answer truthfully, or melt your spoiled woman spread with your inundant gentle , she will soon be tamed of you.

Problem one: Am i good-looking on with this dress in your mind? Read more

How to Use the ARP Command to Bind the IP and MAC Address?

ISA Server does not provide control functions for the MAC address, Why? This is because the MAC address can only be used in the local network, when data packets across the router, the host in the packet source MAC address of the router the MAC address of the outbound interface instead, this time, use the MAC address The control does not apply. So long as the enterprise-level hardware or software firewall, have basically no control functions of the MAC address.

But Microsoft has also long been take into account this point, in Windows, if you install the TCP/IP network protocol component, then you can execute commands ARP. The ARP command is to look at the machine's ARP cache, static binding of IP address and MAC address and delete the static binding entry. In fact, the intention to bind the IP address and MAC address in order to reduce the ARP broadcast traffic, and only can use this function to control the use of IP addresses. Read more

Why NTFS format to see less than a letter of security attributes

Why NTFS format to see less than a letter of security attributes

Why is my computer under Windows XP look right do not see the security attributes, but you can see under WINDOWS 2003 are NTFS format?

Attributes of the file (folder) "security" label only in the NTFS-formatted partition, if you do not see this tab, open My Computer, click Tools → Folder Options → View, and then in the Advanced Settings option to continue In addition  a komagari before to simple file sharing(recommended) .

Now you can see the security label in the file attributes.

Computer Skill : How to Partition a Hard Drive ?


Partition a hard drive when separate drives are required for storing data or to keep parts of drive safe from viruses or corruption. Set up a partitioned hard drive with an IT specialist in this free video on computer hard drives.

Partition manager wizard is really a good thing, MiniTool partition manager wizard is a good choice for you. It is easy to use and it is efficient. Saved my partitions with this tool!

The Role of BOOT.ini File and the Solution of It Lost

BOOT.ini file stores important information on system startup by modifying the BOOT.INIcontent, we can set up multi-system startup, and adjust the system time. BOOT.INI file is missing, the hardware can not find the system disk and the system will not start. But if we  really encountered the BOOT.INI file is missing how to do it? This time, we only need to create a new BOOT.INI file content can be rewritten to start. Specific methods are as follows:
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One of the Most Simple Solution to the Computer Shuts Down Slow

Simple two-step to solve our computer shuts down slow:
Click Start and choose run,then enter "msconfig", check the antivirus software, firewall input method ctfmon the three other of the hook are removed, OK, turn off, restart the computer to check.
Download Shutdown acceleration patch, and then directly into the registry in XP shutdown, the system will send a message to run the program and the remote server, and tell them to shut down and wait for receiving the response from the system began to shut down.

Useful Alt key, Clever Use of 12 Strokes

1.Activation * for the command: press the Alt key to activate the menu bar of the active window, the first menu of the menu bar to highlight, press the Alt key and a letter you can activate this letter on behalf of the menu item, If you press Alt + F to activate the current window "file (File) menu. In addition, the dialog box, press the Alt key and the underlined letter, you can select the option and the appropriate action.
2.To terminate a process: press CTRL + ALT + DEL key combination to pop up a "Close Program dialog box, select a process, and then click" End Task "button to quickly terminate the process. Again press the Ctrl + Alt + DEL key combination can restart the computer.
3.Pop-up drop-down list: In the dialog, you can Alt + Down arrow keys to eject the selected drop-down list, so as not to use the mouse to find and click the arrow buttons in the list box, the pain.
4.Quick View attributes: press Alt + Enter key combination to the left mouse button or hold down the Alt key while double-clicking an object (such as the right window of the Explorer folder, the file icon on the desktop, the window on the left folder can not), you can quickly open its Properties dialog box. Its role is equivalent to right click and select "Properties". Read more

How to Encrypted File in the Windows XP System

How to encrypted file in the Windows XP system

Tell us about how to encrypt files in Windows XP system:

Does in Windows XP directly on the file (folder) encryption, but it requires a premise:you want to encrypt the file (folder) where the hard disk partition is NTFS format. If your hard disk partition is not NTFS format, operate conversion, then the following method to encrypt.
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Speed Computer: Three Computer Skills to Quick Release of the Computer System Resources

Speed computer: Three computer skills to quick release of the computer system resources

Do you think that their own computer to run more and more slowly? Here we introduce three computer skills to quick release of computer system resources:

1.Let the system automatically shut down the application failing to respond

The "AutoEndTasks string value, double-click in the pop-up" Edit String "dialog box in the Value data from" 0 "to" 1 ", close the Registry Editor, press" F5 "to refresh the entry into force.

2.Allow the system to quickly turn off the application failing to respond

Open the Registry Editor, expand the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Desktop" find the WaitToKillAppTimeout string value in the right pane, double-click in the pop-up "Edit String" dialog box in the Value data from "20000" revised to "10000" or smaller, in milliseconds, close the Registry Editor, press "F5" to refresh the entry into force. Read more

Three Methods to Improve the Performance of the NTFS File System

Three methods to improve the performance of the NTFS file system
One of the advantages of the use of NTFS  partition as a folder to set different permissions, so that distribution according to need, so that security is improved, and higher performance in order to allow the windows to NTFS file system, we have the necessary NTFS the file system have the necessary optimization.First, turn off access time scale Read more

Solution of VISTA Blue Screen Error: 0x0000001E: KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED

solution of VISTA blue screenerror : 0x0000001E: KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLEDError Analysis: the Windows kernel checks to an illegal or unknown the process ofinstruction, this stop code is generally caused by the problem of memory or previous 0x0000000A similar.
1.Hardware compatibility: the control frontmentioned in the latest hardware compatibility list, all hardware is included in the list

Be Careful, Do Not Let the Shock Ruin Your Hard Drive

Be careful, Do not let the shock ruin your hard drive

We all know that hard drives are mechanical products, vibration can be said is a large sworn enemy of the hard drive, hard drive internal structure is very sophisticated, head height of only a few microns away from the thousands per minute rpm disc surface, once the strong vibration will appear to read and write exception even cause the disc or head of physical damage, the consequences are quite serious.

The hard disk read and write are forbidden to move: the hard drive in case that does notwork in fact, be able to afford the collision, otherwise the drive could not be transported all over the world. But hard work, can withstand the vibration is very Read more

What is Virtual Memory, and How to Set Virtual Memory?

What is virtual memory, and how to set virtual memory?

The concept of virtual memory to physical memory when the system's physical memory space to make ends meet, the operating system on your hard drive to open up a disk space as memory usage, this part of hard disk space is called virtual memory. Win386.swp file in the form of Windows 98 and Windows 2000/XP form to manage the virtual memory page file pagefile.sys.

First, the size

1. In general

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to let Windows manage virtual memory to automatically assign it according to the actual memory usage, dynamically adjusts the size of virtual memory. Read more

How to Create a Bootable Rescue USB Disk

How to Create a Bootable Rescue USB Disk

Quick Heal is a popular antivirus program that has a boot disk aspect for restarting and scanning infected or damaged computers. To make the CD boot on a USB drive is not very tricky.

1.Start Quick Heal and click on "Tools," then "Emergency CD."

2.Select "Operating System Installation CD," then click "Next."

3.Insert your USB drive in a USB port. Read more

Three Methods to Improve the Performance of the NTFS File System

Three methods to improve the performance of the NTFS file system
One of the advantages of the use of NTFS partition as a folder to set different permissions, so that distribution according to need, so that security is improved, and higher performance in order to allow the windows to NTFS file system, we have the necessary NTFS the file system have the necessary optimization.

1.Turn off access time scale.

We open the NTFS partition as a file attribute, file creation time, modification time and last access time can be seen in the "General" tab. If the file number of the sub-region and multi-directory structure, so each time you access or modify the time scale information will be updated. We can modify the registry to prohibit update of the operation.

Run "regedit" to open the Registry Editor, then locate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem, double-click the right side of Ntfsdisablelastassessupdate ,set its value to" 1 ".

2. Prohibit the 8.3 name format.

In the earliest days of Windows operating system, especially among the DOS system, the file name has been taken to the 8.3 format. Windows XP NTFS partition, do not have this limitation. However, we switch to the command prompt window, you will find the file name of the Lord than 8 characters will be replaced by the ~ symbol. We can be found in the registry above key NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation, its value is set to 1, so that you can prohibit the Windows XP NTFS partition applications 8.3 format.

3.Optimize the Master File Table.

Master file table to save the index information file on disk, with the increasing number of hardware file, master file table storage space will grow inevitably debris. In this regard, we also can modify the registry to increase the storage space in order to avoid frag mentation.

Open the Registry, find the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem, double-click the NtfsMftzonereservation Dword key and set its value to 3 or 4.

What is Virtual Memory and How to Set Virtual Memory

What is virtual memory and how to set virtual memory

The concept of virtual memory to physical memory when the system's physical memory space to make ends meet, the operating system on your hard drive to open up a disk space as memory usage, this part of hard disk space is called virtual memory.Win386.swp file in the form of Windows 98 and Windows 2000/XP form to manage the virtual memory page file pagefile.sys.

First, the size

1. In general

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to let Windows manage virtual memory to automatically assign it according to the actual memory usage, dynamically adjusts the size of virtual memory. Read more

Dust Caused by the Motherboard Does not Recognize Hard Drive

Dust caused by the motherboard does not recognize hard drive

A friend's computer is often unable to start, and occasionally into the system is also frequent crashes, preliminary judgment computer there is a problem caused by a virus or hard drive itself. Prepare in accordance with the first soft, hard, simplest to most complex maintenance principles to come up with the latest Kaspersky antivirus software on the hard drive killing, but using the boot disk into DOS mode, but the prompt can not find the drives, it appears that the virus is unable to carried out.

Restart the computer and into the motherboard BIOS, hard disk parameters inappropriate, but the automatic detection does not recognize the hard drive. Only seems to check the hardware, open the case, unplug the hard drive power cord and data cable is Read more

What is the AHCI Mode ?

What is the AHCI Mode ?

AHCI (the Advanced Host Controller Interface),in Intel's guidance, by the number of companies R & D interface standard, which allows the storage driver to enable advanced Serial ATA features such as Native Command Queuing and hot plug, its R & D team members include Intel, AMD, Dell, Marvell, Maxtor, Microsoft, Red Hat, Seagate and StorageGear famous enterprises.

The AHCI essence is a PCI class device to play the role of a common interface (ie, it is common to different operating systems and hardware), in between the internal logic of the system memory bus and Serial ATA devices. This device class describes the general system memory structure with control and status area, the command sequence entry table; each command table entry contains the SATA device programming information, and a point (used in the device and host transfer data) that describes the table pointer.

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Remember the Five Points, Increase Your Hard Disk Life

computer skill:Remember the five points, Increase your hard disk life.

1. Do not suddenly turn off the power when your hard disk working.

When the hard disk working, generally in high-speed rotation, if we suddenly turn off the power, may lead to a violent head and the disc friction and damage to the hard disk, so to avoid the sudden shutdown. Shutdown must pay attention to the hard disk light is still flashing on the panel, only in its light stops blinking, turn off the computer's power switch before the end of the hard disk read and write.

2.To prevent dust from entering. Read more

What Makes the Cloud Computer?

What Makes the Cloud Computer?

The relative success and cult-like popularity of Asus’ Eee cloud computer has helped raise the level of interest in what’s being called a new class of computers. Some call the new machines ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs), others have labeled them Netbooks, and many are safely referring to them as handhelds. It’s hardly a surprise that the PC powerhouses — Intel, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Dell and dozens of others — have gone running after this opportunity.

After using one of the so-called Netbooks, it has become obvious that they really need to go back to the drawing board and rethink how people are going to use these devices if they want to participate in the next big shift of computing. Read more

The Internet is Another Universe

The Internet is another universe.

The Internet is designed for the scientific sharing, the network structure can prevent the point or multi-point destruction still work properly.

However, the Internet has gradually get rid of the control computer and communications experts have their own independent development, become another universe, another dimension.

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the Computer Skill to Prevent Google Search Results Display Google + Content

In Google search results,there are  a large number of Google + Content.If you are not a Google + heavy users, and even social aversion, then you certainly can not stand the Google search.

In fact, we have a way to let these Google + content to be displayed, such as the use of the outside of other local Google search, such as the use of non-English interface of, for example, do not log in to your Google account to search, for example, open the browser anonymous window to search. But if you have been accustomed to English interface on search for their own account, so there are ways. Read more

Top 7 Epic Tech Fails of 2011

Top 7 Epic Tech Fails of 2011

We all like a good success story, and we've had a lot of those this year. But we would be remiss not to mention some of tech's biggest flops. We don't want to indulge in too much Schadenfreude, but you've got to admit that the Qwikster saga was pretty funny.

There were some plain old duds this year, as well as some gross miscalculations. There were even a few serious transgressions. What follows is our list of the seven most spectacular tech failures of 2011.

7. Qwikster , Netflix

What was Netflix smoking when it tried to spin off its DVD business with the name Qwikster? We see a lot of dumb product names around here, but Qwikster definitely takes the cake this year.

It was terribly timed, too. Netflix had just separated its streaming and DVD pricing plans, raising rates for customers who had both, which drove a million customers away. The Qwikster saga added insult to injury. Read more

Why is My Computer so Slow ? The Cause Of the Computer running slow and Solution

Why is my computer so slow?The Cause Of the Computer  running slow and Solution

1.Too many boot items.
A lot of software, such as the PDF reader, player, input method, download the tools and software, obviously should only be when the user needs to open, quietly added to the startup items and system services, and did not tell the user. More installed software, the boot is more serious impact on boot speed, causing the slow boot. How should we do?
The solution:
Use Optimization software to optimize  boot items. Unnecessary boot startup items off, you can also manually optimization: Start - Run, type msconfig, start point, in addition to anti-virus software and input method ctfmon starts, remove the need to start soon, the system a lot.
2.There are too much junk files.
Look at the page every day, run the software, or uninstall the software will have the junk files, browsing the web will produce a lot of cache files, download software, and also some residual configuration files, registry files. Over time, there will be more. Too many junk files your computer is running slow, sometimes several GB.
The solution: use computer optimization software, a key clean-up junk files, all the options on the hook. To a thorough cleanup. If several months have not cleaned up, you will find junk files, scary, a few GB.
3.Too many computer desktop shortcut icon.
Computer desktop shortcut icon is too much too much cause slow boot on the one hand, computer desktop shortcut icon, boot should be loaded out of the computer during the boot process to be completed. Your desktop, there are dozens of icons, hundreds of words can also be optimized under.
The solution: Do not save a lot of files on your computer desktop, put on the desktop is not safe, put the other disk go to save, not shortcut keys can be removed.
4.C disk is full, no space.
C drive is full, no space to some extent, also contributed to the slow boot speed.
Many people like to watch TV, watch online software, these software are watching while downloading, the download file is saved in C drive, then the C disk space will be getting smaller and smaller, finally leaving dozens of MB, a few hundred MB. C drive of the reserved storage space is gone. Many programs running and loading, all require a certain amount of temporary space.
Many of the C drive partition space is already small, a lot of software installed. Download preservation district in the C drive, coupled with the accumulation of junk files, the C disk space is getting smaller and smaller.
The solution: to drive C thin. Uninstall unnecessary software, clean up junk files, download files stored on the C drive to the deletion of deleted, the removal of the removal.

5.The aging computer hardware.
Many computer age, the aging computer hardware. It can only be upgrading.
6.The computer infected with the computer virus.
This situation is generally less. Few computer viruses boot start. Load virus driver files. Run the program execution. Kill the virus frequently.


the Solution of MMC can not Open the SQL Server Enterprise Manager.MSC

the Solution of MMC can not open the SQL Server Enterprise Manager.MSC

MMC can not open the file C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools\BINN\SQL Server Enterprise Manager.MSC.

This may be because the file does not exist, is not an MMC console, or a later version of MMC to create. May also be because you do not have sufficient permissions to access this file.

To see on your hard drive the file, if it gets to another partition, see if you can open: Read more

Error Solution of MYSQL Based the Error 1130: Host is not Allowed to Connect to This MySQL Server

error solution of MYSQL Based the ERROR 1130: Host is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

MySQL ERROR 1130: Host 'XXXXXX' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server.

The two solutions of this problem:

Method One:

Execute the command:
Read more