Kaspersky 2012 Free Trial Unlimited Resetter

If you used Kaspersky Internet Security 2012  v12.0.0.374 and Kaspersky AntiVirus 2012 v9.1.0.124 two versions.You can use this to reset  Kaspersky unlimited as you have enough time to assessment trial products.It can work in Windows XP ,Windows 7 x86/x64 and Vista x86/x64.And it need .Net framework 3.0.

We suggest you buy the genuine products after you have tried Kaspersky 2012 version enough time.

The step to reset the Kaspersky 2012 Free Trial.

1.Disable the Kaspersky 2012 self-protection function.

2.Exit the Kaspersky 2012 and keep your network unobstructed.

3.Run the ganjin_ktr_2012.exe ,and press the reset button.

4.Wait for the Kaspersky 2012 booting and then reset the Kaspersky 2012 free trial .

If you have activated the Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and Kaspersky AntiVirus for 90 days free trial,you must delete the registered traces and then reset the Kaspersky 2012 free trial .

You can download the Kaspersky 2012 free trial unlimited resetter here :Kaspersky 2012 free trial reset v1.1b

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This address is http://www.computerites.com/software-download/2013/01/kaspersky-2012-free-trial-unlimited-resetter-673.html