Piracy-infested Japanese adult video marketAccording to the police investigation in Japan, the largest source of revenue is one of the Japanese underworld underground adult video sales. In fact, it comes to the underworld adult movie sales of a Sayings: sleight of hand tricks. Although there has been talk about the many Japanese adult film companies have triad background, there is little direct access to shoot the company's own surgeon shooting the yokel rarely know the actual shooting techniques but with unlimited copy the movie to issue to get the most profit. Until replication means from VHS and other means to enter the world of the network with triad background underground adult film distributor or continue uncontrolled copy any adult films, these copies of the profits will not give original filming party, adult film to copy the traditional vendors to make money until the continuing today, whether it is Tokyo's Kabuki-cho, Osaka Namba hidden in a small way sales without amendment of the underground movie shop in Japan . Or mosaic download online so-called membership system in Japan are actually the epitome of this uncontrolled replication of the sale and purchase of adult film.

Adult film Hot Springs series


30 years ago, the kind of copy VCR copy of the very poor is not the same as the Japanese market for the pursuit of quality, has been demanding that the Japanese electrical manufacturers to improve recording technology. VHS after laser discs, and the so-called high-quality DVD, but this compact disc can not be any copy, so welcomed from Japanese vendors, until ushered in VCD and DVD era, when Japan had just developed the VCD after the Hong Kong businessman favor, because this technology is simple, repeated copy of the original DVD is not. The Japanese market also ushered in a tide-like VCD era, but for VCD cheap difficult to control the core technology, Japan has started trying very hard to develop a greater capacity DVDs, between Toshiba and Sony's development initiative of the dispute, Finally, in Japan in 2001 launched a real adult film "D  MODE", HD quality makes Japanese adult movie vendors proud to say: like cinema quality video can be copied at home.

Aoi Sora starred in Hot springs series

Aoi Sora starred in Hot springs series

Japan is now a lot of adult films, including underground vendors selling adult movie of two ways: First: from the United States and other overseas film, adult films have a lot of euphemisms and content in the Japan open, public sale, adult film has a mosaic, so that the U.S. does not mosaic, high horse-white adult films through underground channels into the Japanese become one of the major new sources of Japanese underground adult film. : Japan's exports to the domestic adult movies, many Japanese adult movies, to accept orders for overseas adult film, these films are exported to overseas, so the original version of these films should be handed over to overseas vendors, while Japan overseas sales of adult movies, be required to remove the original movie with mosaic, become a mosaic of adult movies. So the Japanese underground adult movie vendors will also get these high quality adult movies in the original (non-mosaic), bulk copy without let or hindrance into the Japanese market. Among them Iijima, "a girl in the afternoon, the original mosaic to cover sales in Japan soon, but the vendors in the Philippines requires that the sales of the film, so when shortly after the original to the vendors in the Philippines, the Japanese market also no code Iijima film, the original copyright side did not get a profit of one point. The same situation recently waited in vain actress Aoi starred in the "hot spring ping-pong" with triad background underground film Vendor little effort to get maximum profits.

Japan s adult film legend Iijima

Replication technology a master replication after 5-6 disc movie film's picture quality will become poor, the computer age, a DVD, from the first copy, layer copy, a vendor to another seller removed several times, the result is that it is not to change the quality, some shooting in order to protect their own interests and even reimbursement of genuine requirements of the underground film vendors, while providing no mosaic (in the film) the film's original. According to my survey, 90% of the Japanese sales of non-mosaic (in the movie) film from overseas exports to the domestic, like the "D? MODE" so that a specific adult movie of the story has disappeared, leaving only what The only shot of Contributors or videotaping of the Japanese adult film. Japan is now able to see the non-mosaic (in the movie) the movie certainly is one hundred percent of the piracy, rather than the entire market share of genuine piracy: 1; 30, mouth shouted to combat piracy of Japan, in fact, already is the world of piracy.