1.Activation * for the command: press the Alt key to activate the menu bar of the active window, the first menu of the menu bar to highlight, press the Alt key and a letter you can activate this letter on behalf of the menu item, If you press Alt + F to activate the current window "file (File) menu. In addition, the dialog box, press the Alt key and the underlined letter, you can select the option and the appropriate action.
2.To terminate a process: press CTRL + ALT + DEL key combination to pop up a "Close Program dialog box, select a process, and then click" End Task "button to quickly terminate the process. Again press the Ctrl + Alt + DEL key combination can restart the computer.
3.Pop-up drop-down list: In the dialog, you can Alt + Down arrow keys to eject the selected drop-down list, so as not to use the mouse to find and click the arrow buttons in the list box, the pain.
4.Quick View attributes: press Alt + Enter key combination to the left mouse button or hold down the Alt key while double-clicking an object (such as the right window of the Explorer folder, the file icon on the desktop, the window on the left folder can not), you can quickly open its Properties dialog box. Its role is equivalent to right click and select "Properties". Read more