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How to Fix the Problem of the Blue Screen of Death


◆ Error analysis: The main problem is the driver, defective or incompatible hardware and software caused. From a technical point of view. That there is in the kernel mode level of process requests (IRQL) do not have permission to access the memory address accessed.

◇ Solution: Use the solution described above in 2,3,5,8,9 program try to exclude.

2,0 x00000012: TRAP_CAUSE_UNKNOWN

◆ Error analysis: If you encounter this error message, then it is unfortunate, should KeBudCheck analysis The result is an error for an unknown reason. Read more

The complete error code in windows blue screen of death (part2)

bluescreen pictrue

1017 0 × 000003F9 system attempts to load the system log file or to restore files to the system registry, however, specify the file format is not the system registry file format.
1018 0 × 000003FA attempt marked for deletion system registry key, perform illegal operations.
1019 0 × 000003FB system can not configure the system log records the space required.
1020 0 × 000003FC can not have subkeys or the system registry key values ​​to create a symbolic link.

1021 0 × 000003FD temporary keys can not be established under the permanent subkey.
1022 0 × 000003FE notice of change required to complete, but the information is not returned by the caller's buffer. Caller now needs to enumerate files on their own to find a place to change. Read more

The Complete Error Code in Windows Blue Screen of Death (part1)

bluescreen pictrue1 0 × 00000001 Incorrect function.
2 0 × 00000002 system can not find the specified file .
3 0 × 00000003 system can not find the specified path .
4 0 × 00000004 The system can not open the file.
5 0 × 00000005 Access is denied.
6 0 × 00000006 invalid code.
7 0 × 00000007 storage control block has been destroyed.
8 0 × 00000008 storage space, unable to process this command. Read more