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Using Mysql Command-line to Import Large Sql Data

Here is using mysql command-line to import large sql data.Maybe you will need it when you want to import a large sql file .

For people who regularly use MYSQL, phpmyadmin is an essential tool. This is a very powerful tool, almost all database operations can be done, but it also has a weakness for import large data files to the remote server will be excruciatingly slow, and even the long-term response.

Why would this situation? When we choose a sql data file and submit, the server first to upload files to the server before performing the import code to import data into the database. We know phpmyadmin uploaded data files via the web, web upload is very unstable, especially when network is not very good, which is why we have so many times in front of the computer waiting eagerly for the final but did not result reasons. Read more

A Php Backdoor Source Code

A Php Backdoor Source Code

This is a shell backdoor source code written in php script.Run it on a remote host.It will run to listen a port 5007.When you connect the remote host ,it will open a shell.But when i execute a command on the shell interface,i do not know if the instruction has been executed.It means i am not sure if the instruction is running or completed.

The source code :

<? php


define('LISTEN_PORT', '5007'); Read more

Differences Between Null and Undefined in Java Script

Differences Between Null and Undefined in JavaScript

When we design a site using JavaScript,we will find there are two original types : null and undefined.Now we maybe puzzle when to use null and when to use undefined.

Null type is only one value ,just is null.It is used to indicate a not exist object.Commonly used to express a not exist object function attempts to return .

Undefined type is also only one value ,just is undefined.When a declared variable is not been initialized, the default value of the variable is undefined.

Javascript code Read more