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Google April Fool’s Day Joke in 2013 – Google Nose ,Treasure Map

The annual April Fool's Day, Google will be disclosed "heavy" message of a lot "new products". Although we just treat this news with a friendly smile, but Google is often able to justify it than any other technology company to be more clever.

Google Maps - Treasure Map

First, let's take a look at the new treasure map mode developed by Google based on Google Maps. Last year, the company 8-bit version map to show the outside world, and this year Google goes a step further: The company hopes users can get out of the house, to find the specific location of the treasure, and their slogan is "Be careful, do not encounter pirates". Read more

Google Glass : New Technologies For future

Google Glass : New technologies for future

Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin affords WSJ's Spencer Ante an exclusive look at Google's new Internet-enabled glasses. Google Glass proposes to create a hands-free user experience for most smart phone and computer functions.
Google plans to release a beginning version early next year for the hardcore fans who shelled out $1,500 on pre-order, merely Google Glass will continue a novelty item as long as the price tag stays that high.

Google will figure all that out, I'm sure, as it has a track record for showing continuing improvements to many of its products. The company has even hired several of the investigators who worked with Steve Mann, who's considered the godfather of wearable computing, to assist develop the glass technology. Read more

The Huge Front Cover of Pornographic Magazines on Google Maps

The Huge Front Cover of Pornographic Magazines on Google Maps

In April this year,to celebrate the magazine publishing the 100 issues, the soft porn magazine Maxim decided to construct  a 110 feet long giant magazine cover  in the Nevada desert in United States , its size to be able clearly visible on the satellite .And it can be used by Google Earth and other softwares. Of course, the Google Earth map update will take some time.And the Las Vegas desert map was not so high-resolution, so Maxim decided to publish a kml file in order for people  to be able to preview first. Read more

What is the Mobile Cloud Computing ?

Mobile cloud computing is the usage of cloud computing in combination with mobile device. Cloud computing exists when tasks and data are kept on the internet rather than on individual devices, providing on-demand access.

Applications are run on a remote server and then sent to the users. Because of the advanced improvement in mobile browsers thanks to Apple and Google over the past couple of years, nearly every mobile should have a suitable browser. This means developers will have a much wider market and they can bypass the restrictions created by mobile operating systems. Read more