The Problem of Hal.dll Is Missing or Corrupt

When i boot my laptop it displayed Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:\system32\hal.dll (Please re-install a copy of the above file).So my computer could not boot and my system is Windows XP.What is wrong of the hal.dll missing?

Hal.dll  (Microsoft Windows Hardware Abstraction Layer DLL )is Windows hardware abstraction layer module.This happens, generally there are two possible reasons:

1.The boot.ini file is a problem.Now one-click restore, or multi-system, will change the boot.ini file. The solution is actually very simple, in this case, in fact,you can enter the safe mode. Into safe mode, set the boot.ini back to normal .

2. The hal.dll is wrong version or missing hal.dll file.

3.The harddisk is broken.

(1).Copied from another machine on the C: \windows\system32\hal.dll to the problem machine. (via DOS boot disk or WinPE boot system) This method is suitable for abnormal shutdown due to power outages, crashes, etc. caused by the boot system, when only the boot sector root directory of the boot files are missing, of hal.dll file and there is no problem.
(2).Insert the XP installation disk, restart your computer, select the Recovery Console. Follow the prompts to enter the winnt directory. At the DOS prompt, enter: expand x:\i386\ / f: of hal.dll c:\windows\system32\(x: is the cd-rom drive letter) used again to expand first halaacpi.dll copy to c:\winindows\system32\, and changed its name to the hal.dll restart the computer, then copy halacpi.dll (because the hal.dll source file name is halacpi.dll). renamed after the restart, then restart.