DDOS is an acronym of Distributed Denial of Service . And what is the denial of service ? Can be understood, all can lead to legitimate users don't access the normal behavior of network services are considered denial of service attacks. The purpose of denial of service attack is very clear, that is normal to prevent legitimate users access to network resources, so as to achieve the attacker's ulterior motives.

 It is also a denial of service attack, DDOS and DOS is different, DDOS attack strategies focused on by many zombie hosts (the host the attacker hacked or indirect use of )sends to the victim host a large number of seemingly legitimate network packets, resulting in network congestion or server resource exhaustion denial of service, distributed denial of service attack, once implemented, will attack like a flood of network packets flock to the victim host, thus bring the legitimate users of network packet flooding, leading to legal user can not access the network resources on severs. Therefore, denial of service attack has been called the "flood attacks," there is a Read more