The following 40 javascript tips are commonly for web design.Them will be useful for the web designer.

1. Oncontextmenu = "window.event.returnValue = false" will completely shield the mouse right button
<table border oncontextmenu=return(false)><td>no</table> can be used for Table

2. <body Onselectstart="return false"> deselect to prevent copying

3. Onpaste = "return false" forbid to paste

4. Oncopy = "return false;" oncut = "return false;" to prevent copying

5. <link Rel="Shortcut Icon" href="favicon.ico"> IE address bar replace your icon before

6. <link Rel="Bookmark" href="favicon.ico"> can show your favorites icon

7. <input Style="ime-mode:disabled"> off input

8 will always be with a framework
<script language="JavaScript"> <! -
if (window == top) top.location.href = "frames.htm"; //frames.htm page as a framework
//--></Script> Read more