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the Solutions of can not connect to MySQL server on ‘localhost’ (10061)

Sometime we will meet the problem of  can not connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061),how to solve this problem?

The possible reasons for this problem.

1, MySQL service does not start, generally due to in exceptional circumstances MySQL can not start , for example, no available disk space, my.ini basedir path settings error in the MySQL, etc.

2, MySQL server resource constraints, leading to not connect.

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Using Mysql Command-line to Import Large Sql Data

Here is using mysql command-line to import large sql data.Maybe you will need it when you want to import a large sql file .

For people who regularly use MYSQL, phpmyadmin is an essential tool. This is a very powerful tool, almost all database operations can be done, but it also has a weakness for import large data files to the remote server will be excruciatingly slow, and even the long-term response.

Why would this situation? When we choose a sql data file and submit, the server first to upload files to the server before performing the import code to import data into the database. We know phpmyadmin uploaded data files via the web, web upload is very unstable, especially when network is not very good, which is why we have so many times in front of the computer waiting eagerly for the final but did not result reasons. Read more

Difference Between Mysql and Oracle

Difference Between Mysql and Oracle

When we use the database of Mysql and Oracle we will find there are many differences between them.Now let us have a look at these differences.

1. Oracle is a large database and Mysql is a small and medium  databases, Oracle's market share is 40%, Mysql only about 20%, at the same time the Mysql is open source but Oracle price is very high.

2. Oracle support large concurrent and large views, is the  best OLTP tools.
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Error Solution of MYSQL Based the Error 1130: Host is not Allowed to Connect to This MySQL Server

error solution of MYSQL Based the ERROR 1130: Host is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

MySQL ERROR 1130: Host 'XXXXXX' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server.

The two solutions of this problem:

Method One:

Execute the command:
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Share Six Useful MySQL Statements

Today to introduce six  useful MySQL's SQL statements, many people may have to implement these functions with PHP.
1 calculate the number of years
You want to calculate the birthday person how old.
SELECT DATE_FORMAT (FROM_DAYS (TO_DAYS (now ()) - TO_DAYS (@ dateofbirth)), '% Y') + 0;
2 the difference between the two time
Made the difference between two datetime values​​. Assuming datetime dt1 and dt2 are the type of the format 'yyyy-mm-dd hh: mm: ss', then the number of seconds difference between them is:
Divided by 60 is the difference between the number of minutes divided by 3600 is the difference between the number of hours, then divided by 24 is the difference between the number of days.
3 shows a column appeared in the value of N times
FROM tbl
4 calculation of working days between two dates Read more