The usage is  that open cmd and enter the following command can end the process:

Method 1: Using the PID of the end of the process
Command format: ntsd -c q -p pid
Examples: ntsd -cq -p 1332 (ending the explorer.exe process with PID 1332)
Detailed example: explorer.exe 'pid is 1332, but how to get process pid it? In the CMD, enter TASKLIST can get all the current task manager process PID (process is not all exploer.exe 1332)

Method 2: Using the end of the process name
Command format: ntsd -c q -pn ***. exe (***. exe name for the process, exe should not be spared)
Examples: ntsd -c q-pn explorer.exe
The other end of the process of DOS commands can also taskkill:
Command format: taskkill / pid 1234 / f (you can achieve the same effect.)

If the above can not satisfy your curiosity, here are:

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