1 In the past, there are two hungry people has gain a gift of the elderly: a fishing rod and a huge basket of live fish. Among them, one to a basket of fish, another person asked for a fishing rod, so they parted ways. Get the fish were put up in situ on the campfire to cook with firewood from a fish, he devoured, there is no product out of the meaty fish, suddenly, even the fish soup which he ate, and soon, he starved to death in the empty creel. Another person is carrying a fishing rod to go hungry, hard step by step walk to the beach, but when he saw not far from the patch of blue ocean, he covered the last bit of energy also finished, He can only helplessly with endless regret doing nothing human. There are two hungry people, they also received the gift of an elderly rod and a basket of fish. But they did not go our separate ways, but agreed to work together to find the sea, They only cook a fish every time they trek through remote, came to the beach, since then, the two began a day of fishing for a living, a few years later, they built a house, with their respective families, children have their own fishing boats built, and lived a happy and peaceful life.
Inspiration: only the immediate interests of a person, will eventually get the short-lived joy; a lofty goal, but we mus Read more