Why is my computer so slow?The Cause Of the Computer  running slow and Solution

1.Too many boot items.
A lot of software, such as the PDF reader, player, input method, download the tools and software, obviously should only be when the user needs to open, quietly added to the startup items and system services, and did not tell the user. More installed software, the boot is more serious impact on boot speed, causing the slow boot. How should we do?
The solution:
Use Optimization software to optimize  boot items. Unnecessary boot startup items off, you can also manually optimization: Start - Run, type msconfig, start point, in addition to anti-virus software and input method ctfmon starts, remove the need to start soon, the system a lot.
2.There are too much junk files.
Look at the page every day, run the software, or uninstall the software will have the junk files, browsing the web will produce a lot of cache files, download software, and also some residual configuration files, registry files. Over time, there will be more. Too many junk files your computer is running slow, sometimes several GB.
The solution: use computer optimization software, a key clean-up junk files, all the options on the hook. To a thorough cleanup. If several months have not cleaned up, you will find junk files, scary, a few GB.
3.Too many computer desktop shortcut icon.
Computer desktop shortcut icon is too much too much cause slow boot on the one hand, computer desktop shortcut icon, boot should be loaded out of the computer during the boot process to be completed. Your desktop, there are dozens of icons, hundreds of words can also be optimized under.
The solution: Do not save a lot of files on your computer desktop, put on the desktop is not safe, put the other disk go to save, not shortcut keys can be removed.
4.C disk is full, no space.
C drive is full, no space to some extent, also contributed to the slow boot speed.
Many people like to watch TV, watch online software, these software are watching while downloading, the download file is saved in C drive, then the C disk space will be getting smaller and smaller, finally leaving dozens of MB, a few hundred MB. C drive of the reserved storage space is gone. Many programs running and loading, all require a certain amount of temporary space.
Many of the C drive partition space is already small, a lot of software installed. Download preservation district in the C drive, coupled with the accumulation of junk files, the C disk space is getting smaller and smaller.
The solution: to drive C thin. Uninstall unnecessary software, clean up junk files, download files stored on the C drive to the deletion of deleted, the removal of the removal.

5.The aging computer hardware.
Many computer age, the aging computer hardware. It can only be upgrading.
6.The computer infected with the computer virus.
This situation is generally less. Few computer viruses boot start. Load virus driver files. Run the program execution. Kill the virus frequently.