How to shutdown a computer remotely?We have the computer skills to use the shutdown command, we can not only log off users, shut down or restart your computer, you can also achieve time shutdown, remote shutdown.

The command syntax is as follows:

shutdown [-i |-l |-s |-r |-a] [-f] [-m [\ \ ComputerName]] [-t xx] [-c "message"] [-d [p]: xx : yy]

Among them, the meaning of each parameter are:

-I Display GUI dialog box.This must be the first option.
-L Log off current user
-M ComputerName priority.
-S Shutdown the computer.
-R Shutdown and restart computer.
-G Shutdown and restart computer.After system restart,restart all registed applications (just Win7)
-A Stop off. In addition to-l and ComputerName, the system will ignore the other parameters. In the overtime period, you can only use-a.
-F Forces running applications to close.
-H dormancy the computer (just Win7)
-M [\\ComputerName] Specifies the computer to shut down.
-T xx will be used to shut down the system timer is set to xx seconds.The default value is 20 seconds.
-C "message" specified in the "system shutdown" window "message" field shows the message. Can use up to 127 characters. The message must be included in quotes.
-D [p]: xx: yy Lists the code cause the system shut down.

First, we look at some of the basic usage of the command: Read more