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The Causes and Solution of Can Not Format Flash Drive

The Causes and Solution of Can Not Format Flash Drive

Sometimes,we will meet the situation of the flash drive can not format .The attribute of the flash drive is displaying RAW file system ,the disk space and the available disk space all are 0 , and what are the causes of can not format flash drive ?  There are several reasons:

1.The mobile hard disk or USB flash disk can not format  because the data was damaged.

2.The USB flash drive can not format because the USB disk infected with computer viruses , such as the autorun.exe virus.The viruses are not completely killing and the  viruses destroyed USB disk system files.

3.A non-conventional operation. (e.g., the not compatible read-write device). Read more

Create a USB Boot Disk for Windows 7

Create a USB Boot Disk for Windows 7

If you want to create a USB boot disk for Windows 7, make sure that you backup the files that you have saved on the USB flash drive that you will use. You would need to reformat the drive and all of the files on it will be lost. Also check the BIOS to find out whether your computer is capable of booting from a USB flash drive.Now we can use the tool Diskpart brought by Windows 7 self.You will found it's very easy to create such a USB boot disk.

1.The USB flash drive must have more than 4 GB of available space on it.Click the "Start" button on the taskbar and select the option "All Programs" from the menu list. Select "Accessories" and scroll down the list until you see "Command Prompt" and right-click on it. Click on "Run as Administrator". Read more

Causes and Solutions of “NTLDR is missing” Error when Installing Windows XP System by USB flash disk

There are many people to install the original Windows XP system in the use of USB flash disk,but reboot the system after installation, sometimes prompted the error message NTLDR is missing press any key to restart.Then it has stoped there, can not enter the system.What is wrong with it ?The cause is system root file is missing or damaged. Obviously the system has been installed, but can not enter,actually is that the crucial step in the installation was wrong. Here let's to see the right way to install Windows XP by USB flash disk.
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