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How to Reset the Administrator Password if You Lost or Forgot your Windows 7 Password ?

Yesterday  i changed my Windows 7 user password but today unfortunately i forgot my administrator password.So i want to recover my password.Maybe most people will meet this problem.Now i share some ways to recover or reset the administrator password.

1.Use the Administrator Blank password.

Many users do not use the administrator account,so now you can press Ctrl+Alt+Delete ,it will jump out of the account window.You can type administrator in the user name,and press enter to login the Windows 7 system.It is the easiest way to recover the password.

2.Forget the password, but you have logged in the system. Read more

How to Change the Default Google Chrome User Data in Localappdata

Now many users use the Google Chrome browser.But the Google Chrome browser exists a big problem, it cached page data and other information in a directory called User Data in Localappdata .In Windows XP,the user is administrator,the fold path is C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\,in Windows 7,the fold path is C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\.

This directory can not be set.Only set on the C disk, this is more inconvenient, is also taking up a lot of disk space of C disk .My user data catalog has taken 1GB space .How to change the default localappdata in Google Chrome user data ? There are three ways: Read more

The Default Setting of Windows 7 Path Environment Variables List

Sometimes, because of reasons such as computer viruses or malware will cause the system environment variables to change, and even lead to many application errors or fail to start.So, in this case, we must restore our default environment variables settings of windows 7.

However, we do not know what is the default Windows 7 environment variables, and how shall we add the default environment variables to the system settings?

Here is the windows 7 default list of environment variables, just need the environment variables in this list can be added to the system.

Users  variables Read more

Kaspersky 2012 Free Trial Unlimited Resetter

Kaspersky 2012 Free Trial Unlimited Resetter

If you used Kaspersky Internet Security 2012  v12.0.0.374 and Kaspersky AntiVirus 2012 v9.1.0.124 two versions.You can use this to reset  Kaspersky unlimited as you have enough time to assessment trial products.It can work in Windows XP ,Windows 7 x86/x64 and Vista x86/x64.And it need .Net framework 3.0.

We suggest you buy the genuine products after you have tried Kaspersky 2012 version enough time.

The step to reset the Kaspersky 2012 Free Trial. Read more

Solution of Can Not Open CHM Files in Windows 7

Many users have the problems on opening chm files after installed  Windows 7 operating system.Chm files is the help file type of e-books, in Windows 7 chm files can not be opened because of security issues. Many users do not know how to solve this problem after encountered chm files can not be opened. Here we will analyze this problem that chm files can not be open in Windows 7,help users solve the trouble .

The solutions of can not open chm files in windows 7: Read more

Easy Steps to Share a Printer in Windows XP and Windows 7

Easy Steps to Share a Printer in Windows XP and Windows 7

Sometimes you need share a printer in Windows XP and Windows 7,or share XP printer with Windows 7 .When you sharing the printer you may meet any problems.So there are the easy steps to share a printer in Windows XP or Windows 7.

1. The first step is to insure that all the computers are working in a same network. It can also be the same WLAN. After that, you should also make sure that the printer has also connected to the computer that you want to claim as the main home group. Make sure the printer is power on. Read more

Causes And Solutions on How to Fix Physical Memory Dump in Windows 7 or Windows XP

We all may meet the situation that when we open more programs or playing games ,the computer suddenly became blue screen and displayed "beginning dump of physical memory".It will affect our mood.How to fix this  Physical Memory Dump problem ?

First we should know what to cause this problems.There are several reasons to cause this physical memory dump error in Windows 7 and Windows XP.Then you can try to solve the problem using corresponding method. Read more

How to Fix the Problems of Windows 7 activation

 If the Windows 7 activation isn't done within the assigned time , a lot features of the operating system are disabled.If you haven't activated Windows 7 during the installing procedure, you can activate it manually as well. Then You could meet some problems when activating Windows 7 on your personal computer .

There are 4 usual problems related with Windows 7 activation:

1. Invalid product key when activating Windows 7

The error "Invalid Product key" may happen if you have typed the wrong product key, or the product key does not match the Windows 7 version.There are 6 versions of Windows 7 :Windows 7 Starter,Windows 7 Home Basic,Windows 7 Home Premium,Windows 7 Professional,Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Ultimate.You should check your product key matching your Windows version. Read more

The Win 8 Themes for Win7

The Win 8 Themes for Win7

The website deviantART release a Win8 theme, Win7 system suddenly wear Win8 "coat".This Win8 theme support all language versions of 32-bit and 64-bit Win7 system, the size of 6.8MB.You can feel Win8 environment after installation.Come to experience together.You can download here :

Read more

The Computer Skill to Completely Clear the Windows 7 Computer Using Traces (using record)

1.Close or Clear traces of browsing files

Even though the snoopers can not directly browse the contents of the document,but they also can view your recently used files to know your work through the File menu in Word or Excel.Even the temporary list listed  the files deleted by you.So it is best to turn off the feature.

For example , in Office 2012 Word or Excel, select the "File" menu, then select "Help" - "Options" item, and then enter the "Advanced" tab to modify"display this number of Recent Documents "selection box figures to 0 in the "show".Now it will not show the most recently used files.  Read more

Problem of Installing Microsoft Lifecam Cinema

Problem of Installing Microsoft Lifecam Cinema

When you are installing the Microsoft LifeCam softwares, and then you plug in the LifeCam Cinema hardware, the LifeCam Cinema hardware will be not detected. Additionally, in the Device Manager, the properties for the LifeCam entry display one of the following codes or different codes:

1,10, 19, 28,39

Now let 's solve the problem with the following ways:

1.Update the LifeCam drivers Cinema

  1. Open the Device Manager.Click Start ,and  type devmgmt.msc in the Start Search box, press ENTER.
    If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Continue.(In Windows XP, you can just run devmgmt.msc)
  2. Expand the following entries:Sound, video , and game controllers,Imaging Devices.Look for the black exclamation point (!) on a yellow field next to a device. The exclamation point indicates that the device has a problem. Right-click the device, and then click the option that corresponds to your version of Windows:

How To Make Windows 7 Boot Faster

How To Make Windows 7 Boot Faster

So here is the solution how to manage your startup programs and make your windows 7 boot faster. Click Begin and input "msconfig" within the Run box. Then press OK button. You will see all the services and applications which will be started automatically when your computer boots. Disable those unnecessarily items and re-boot your computer. You will see the improvement of your windows 7 boot up speed. Read more

How to Completely Remove Windows.edb File ?

How to completely remove windows.edb file ?

 What is windows.edb file that path is C: \ProgramData\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows\windows.edb in Windows 7 ?
This file is generated by the index function, you can speed up the search, the continuous increase in the index file, the file size will continue to increase, reach a few hundred megabytes or even gigabyte, and delete, if does not turn off the Indexing Service, then the file will continue to appear. To completely remove very simple, in computer management settings, close the "Windows Search" service can be.

It is very simple, disable the windows search service. Then delete the file.

Second, click "Start"
Search for "the Indexing Options" (entered without the quotes).

To change the Windows search
Advanced - index location - Select a new location

Above is to move windows.edb in order to take up system disk space savings.If you do not want to disable the index can only be the case.
And if you consider windows.edb this stuff is too much you could reduce the number of index position.


Create a USB Boot Disk for Windows 7

Create a USB Boot Disk for Windows 7

If you want to create a USB boot disk for Windows 7, make sure that you backup the files that you have saved on the USB flash drive that you will use. You would need to reformat the drive and all of the files on it will be lost. Also check the BIOS to find out whether your computer is capable of booting from a USB flash drive.Now we can use the tool Diskpart brought by Windows 7 self.You will found it's very easy to create such a USB boot disk.

1.The USB flash drive must have more than 4 GB of available space on it.Click the "Start" button on the taskbar and select the option "All Programs" from the menu list. Select "Accessories" and scroll down the list until you see "Command Prompt" and right-click on it. Click on "Run as Administrator". Read more

Solution of Windows 7 Can Not Wake Up after Sleep

Solution of Windows 7 Can Not Wake Up after Sleep

Windows 7 won't wake up ? The general circumstance of dead sleep is related to drivers, or to the motherboard's BIOS settings. If the motherboard BIOS and hardware drivers are updated, the proposed update to the latest, and then run Window Update to upgrade system to the latest.

If you still have problems, then see if the computer installed the Read more

Can Not Remember the Blue Screen Error Code? Teach You to See the Blue Screen log

Can Not Remember the Blue Screen Error Code? Teach You to See the Blue Screen log

Through the error code of blue screen,we can judge the problem of the computer.But it disappeared soon, most people can not remember the error code.
In fact, windows system error every time, there will be a corresponding log is recorded, just find the log to analyze,we can find the reason of blue screen easily. Read more

Six Benefits of Installing Windows XP Windows 7 Dual Operating System

Six Benefits of Installing Windows XP Windows 7 Dual Operating System

First, it is beneficial for both systems to compare real-time performance.

Second, it is beneficial to ensure the operating system safe and stable (install different Anti-virus softwares in the two different systems ). Read more

Solve a Strange Problem of HTTP Error 404.17 – Not Found

Solve a Strange Problem of HTTP Error 404.17 - Not Found

Today,i install the PHP on a x64 Windows 7,when i debug the program inthe localhost it is wrong with

HTTP Error 404.17 - Not Found
The requested content appears to be script and will not be served by the static file handler.
Detailed Error Information:
Module StaticFileModule
Notification ExecuteRequestHandler
Handler StaticFile
Error Code 0x80070032

Read more

Windows XP Windows 7 Dual Operating System Simple Installation Procedures and Attentions

Many user install dual operating system on their computer,even after Windows 7 appeared.Most of them will install Windows 7 Windows XP dual system right now.But how to install dual system?Now let  us to see the procedures below: Read more

Solution of the Boot Files and the Boot Option Menu are Lost after Windows XP Windows 7 Dual System Reinstalled

The solution of the boot files and the boot option Menu are lost after Windows XP Windows 7 dual operating systems reinstalled:

1.Install Windows XP in Windows 7 to make up of a dual system.
2.Windows XP Windows 7 dual system, reinstall Windows XP.

Read more

Two Methods of Installing Windows XP over Windows 7

Many computers are installed two operating systems ,but how to install Windows XP over windows 7 ? There are two methods.

First method: brand new install with the XP installation CD.

First, you need to prepare a primary partition to install XP system. Recommended in Windows 7 system, use the Disk Manager to create a capacity of not less than 10GB primary partition.Restart the computer  by Windows XP installation CD and then install, the installation method is similar to install XP system. Read more

How to Reduce the Windows 7 Folder Size?

We are using Windows 7 will find the size of system is between Windows XP and Vista, but some people still want to let Windows 7 system be minimized. The following three methods will let you get it.

Microsoft Vista for such a large volume, is explained this way: we built for  our vista users millions of hardware drivers, and because the kernel upgrade, we must take into account compatibility with old kernel function, this has led to a volume of soared.
So for the next generation of Microsoft operating system: Windows 7, its volume be? Or not as bloated and Vista, right? Of course not, Microsoft's early in the development of a lot of lessons have been learned, a great improvement. A 2G memory laptop, installed Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, the space is probably the 9G, smaller than Vista full 3G! Our win fighters today will also share with you the next,the secret of Windows 7 further reduced "3G "fat. You are not curious about what is Win fighters it? Article finally, we will decrypt it!
1.Removal of virtual memory file to a non-system disk.

Read more

Windows 8 Boot Time Will Be Faster

Windows 8 with a new startup and shutdown mode, set the traditional cold start and recovery sleep in one, you can achieve "instant boot." In Windows 8, will dialogue system kernel into hibernation, to go into hibernation file hiberfil.sys. Traditional sense completely dormant application will contain a large number of memory pages, the default memory size is 75%, but Windows 8 in the Session 0 hibernation file only save the system state and memory contents, memory capacity, so the volume is only about 10 - Read more

Computer History:the History of Changes in Windows Start Menu

Commemorate the tenth anniversary of Windows XP!The History of Changes in Windows Start Menu

From the first date truly meaningful graphical interface, Windows has been with us for more than ten years . As nature's evolutionary history, as it is for us to show the computer as a platform for personal information changes. In this huge software, and accompany us most is probably that the "Start" buttons. As a my colleague said , as a computer user, this button is probably the most should be forgotten. At the same time, as IT people, but it's changes is the most should not be forgotten, because it is the history of the operating system serviced human.

1.Windows 95

 Year: 1995 Read more