I believe that many users experienced  Windows 7 installation fails, for windows 7 there is  a lot of reasons why the installation can not continue. In the author's experience, mainly due to nothing more than the hardware components are not compatible or the system's hardware configuration can not meet the minimum requirements for Windows 7, so troubleshooting should focus on this aspect into account and avoid detours. Here I list some of the most typical case to analyse why windows 7 installation fails.

Windows 7 installation problem 1:Installer refused to install or start

If the hardware components are not compatible with Windows 7, it may cause the installation to fail, or can not start the installation process. Therefore, prior to installation to ensure that Windows 7 can detect all of the system hardware and the hardware included in Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility List (HCL). Suggest that before you install Windows 7, the necessary compatibility checks, if already installed, check the compatibility has been late. Read more