How to completely remove windows.edb file ?

 What is windows.edb file that path is C: \ProgramData\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows\windows.edb in Windows 7 ?
This file is generated by the index function, you can speed up the search, the continuous increase in the index file, the file size will continue to increase, reach a few hundred megabytes or even gigabyte, and delete, if does not turn off the Indexing Service, then the file will continue to appear. To completely remove very simple, in computer management settings, close the "Windows Search" service can be.

It is very simple, disable the windows search service. Then delete the file.

Second, click "Start"
Search for "the Indexing Options" (entered without the quotes).

To change the Windows search
Advanced - index location - Select a new location

Above is to move windows.edb in order to take up system disk space savings.If you do not want to disable the index can only be the case.
And if you consider windows.edb this stuff is too much you could reduce the number of index position.