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The Free Windows XP Home Edition and Professional Edition (Sp2 Sp3) Activation Keys

Free windows xp home edition activation key:

KRGKM-2QTBV-GKQC6-762J3-Q3GTP Read more

How to Change the Default Google Chrome User Data in Localappdata

Now many users use the Google Chrome browser.But the Google Chrome browser exists a big problem, it cached page data and other information in a directory called User Data in Localappdata .In Windows XP,the user is administrator,the fold path is C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\,in Windows 7,the fold path is C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\.

This directory can not be set.Only set on the C disk, this is more inconvenient, is also taking up a lot of disk space of C disk .My user data catalog has taken 1GB space .How to change the default localappdata in Google Chrome user data ? There are three ways: Read more

Kaspersky 2012 Free Trial Unlimited Resetter

Kaspersky 2012 Free Trial Unlimited Resetter

If you used Kaspersky Internet Security 2012  v12.0.0.374 and Kaspersky AntiVirus 2012 v9.1.0.124 two versions.You can use this to reset  Kaspersky unlimited as you have enough time to assessment trial products.It can work in Windows XP ,Windows 7 x86/x64 and Vista x86/x64.And it need .Net framework 3.0.

We suggest you buy the genuine products after you have tried Kaspersky 2012 version enough time.

The step to reset the Kaspersky 2012 Free Trial. Read more

How to Fix the Problems of Sharing Printer in Windows XP

In Windows XP, often due to various reasons  caused can not share the printer.First, let us look at the problems as well as solutions to the most prone to the shared printer in Windows XP.

1.Network Neighborhood unable to view.

Shared printer in Windows XP, the first thing to do is not directly on the workstation to install a network printer .Instead, take a look at the "View workgroup computers" in "Network Neighborhood" whether normal browsing and there is a computer installed printer.Instead, take a look at the "View workgroup computers" in "Network Neighborhood" normal browsing, and whether there is a computer installed printer. If you can find the print server, the basic conditions are ripe for a shared printer, if an error occurs, you should solve this problem first. Read more

Easy Steps to Share a Printer in Windows XP and Windows 7

Easy Steps to Share a Printer in Windows XP and Windows 7

Sometimes you need share a printer in Windows XP and Windows 7,or share XP printer with Windows 7 .When you sharing the printer you may meet any problems.So there are the easy steps to share a printer in Windows XP or Windows 7.

1. The first step is to insure that all the computers are working in a same network. It can also be the same WLAN. After that, you should also make sure that the printer has also connected to the computer that you want to claim as the main home group. Make sure the printer is power on. Read more

Causes And Solutions on How to Fix Physical Memory Dump in Windows 7 or Windows XP

We all may meet the situation that when we open more programs or playing games ,the computer suddenly became blue screen and displayed "beginning dump of physical memory".It will affect our mood.How to fix this  Physical Memory Dump problem ?

First we should know what to cause this problems.There are several reasons to cause this physical memory dump error in Windows 7 and Windows XP.Then you can try to solve the problem using corresponding method. Read more

Let Your Windows XP Display Week in the Lower-Right Corner of Desktop

Let your Windows XP display week in the lower-right corner of desktop
      What day is it today? I am afraid this is  a question all of us usually have to ask.But in the Windows XP system, in order to know what today is the day of the week you must double-click to open the clock program .Just simple mouse hover over the clock above can not see the day. In fact, Windows XP supports display the week, and only needed a simple setting will be able to achieve this feature.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Release on November 13 2012

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Release on November 13 2012

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is the latest product of Activision Blizzard's "Call of Duty" series of games.And "Black Ops 2" continues to be produced by Treyarch.  Activision Blizzard announced that "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" will use the new iw engine 6.0, just supports DX11.So it does not support Windows XP system, only running in Windows 7 or vista sp2 .

call of duty 9 black ops 2

call of duty black ops 2

Different to previous generations, the game story will arrange in 2025 after the Black Ops story,in the story ,China and the United States are involved in this 21st century Cold War, staged unprecedented future wars. "Zombie mode"  will return in this version. On November 13, 2012,Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be landing Xbox360, PS3 and PC platforms. Read more

Why NTFS format to see less than a letter of security attributes

Why NTFS format to see less than a letter of security attributes

Why is my computer under Windows XP look right do not see the security attributes, but you can see under WINDOWS 2003 are NTFS format?

Attributes of the file (folder) "security" label only in the NTFS-formatted partition, if you do not see this tab, open My Computer, click Tools → Folder Options → View, and then in the Advanced Settings option to continue In addition  a komagari before to simple file sharing(recommended) .

Now you can see the security label in the file attributes.

The Role of BOOT.ini File and the Solution of It Lost

BOOT.ini file stores important information on system startup by modifying the BOOT.INIcontent, we can set up multi-system startup, and adjust the system time. BOOT.INI file is missing, the hardware can not find the system disk and the system will not start. But if we  really encountered the BOOT.INI file is missing how to do it? This time, we only need to create a new BOOT.INI file content can be rewritten to start. Specific methods are as follows:
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How to Encrypted File in the Windows XP System

How to encrypted file in the Windows XP system

Tell us about how to encrypt files in Windows XP system:

Does in Windows XP directly on the file (folder) encryption, but it requires a premise:you want to encrypt the file (folder) where the hard disk partition is NTFS format. If your hard disk partition is not NTFS format, operate conversion, then the following method to encrypt.
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Three Methods to Improve the Performance of the NTFS File System

Three methods to improve the performance of the NTFS file system
One of the advantages of the use of NTFS  partition as a folder to set different permissions, so that distribution according to need, so that security is improved, and higher performance in order to allow the windows to NTFS file system, we have the necessary NTFS the file system have the necessary optimization.First, turn off access time scale Read more

Three Methods to Improve the Performance of the NTFS File System

Three methods to improve the performance of the NTFS file system
One of the advantages of the use of NTFS partition as a folder to set different permissions, so that distribution according to need, so that security is improved, and higher performance in order to allow the windows to NTFS file system, we have the necessary NTFS the file system have the necessary optimization.

1.Turn off access time scale.

We open the NTFS partition as a file attribute, file creation time, modification time and last access time can be seen in the "General" tab. If the file number of the sub-region and multi-directory structure, so each time you access or modify the time scale information will be updated. We can modify the registry to prohibit update of the operation.

Run "regedit" to open the Registry Editor, then locate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem, double-click the right side of Ntfsdisablelastassessupdate ,set its value to" 1 ".

2. Prohibit the 8.3 name format.

In the earliest days of Windows operating system, especially among the DOS system, the file name has been taken to the 8.3 format. Windows XP NTFS partition, do not have this limitation. However, we switch to the command prompt window, you will find the file name of the Lord than 8 characters will be replaced by the ~ symbol. We can be found in the registry above key NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation, its value is set to 1, so that you can prohibit the Windows XP NTFS partition applications 8.3 format.

3.Optimize the Master File Table.

Master file table to save the index information file on disk, with the increasing number of hardware file, master file table storage space will grow inevitably debris. In this regard, we also can modify the registry to increase the storage space in order to avoid frag mentation.

Open the Registry, find the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem, double-click the NtfsMftzonereservation Dword key and set its value to 3 or 4.

What is Virtual Memory and How to Set Virtual Memory

What is virtual memory and how to set virtual memory

The concept of virtual memory to physical memory when the system's physical memory space to make ends meet, the operating system on your hard drive to open up a disk space as memory usage, this part of hard disk space is called virtual memory.Win386.swp file in the form of Windows 98 and Windows 2000/XP form to manage the virtual memory page file pagefile.sys.

First, the size

1. In general

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to let Windows manage virtual memory to automatically assign it according to the actual memory usage, dynamically adjusts the size of virtual memory. Read more

What Makes the Cloud Computer?

What Makes the Cloud Computer?

The relative success and cult-like popularity of Asus’ Eee cloud computer has helped raise the level of interest in what’s being called a new class of computers. Some call the new machines ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs), others have labeled them Netbooks, and many are safely referring to them as handhelds. It’s hardly a surprise that the PC powerhouses — Intel, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Dell and dozens of others — have gone running after this opportunity.

After using one of the so-called Netbooks, it has become obvious that they really need to go back to the drawing board and rethink how people are going to use these devices if they want to participate in the next big shift of computing. Read more

Problem of Installing Microsoft Lifecam Cinema

Problem of Installing Microsoft Lifecam Cinema

When you are installing the Microsoft LifeCam softwares, and then you plug in the LifeCam Cinema hardware, the LifeCam Cinema hardware will be not detected. Additionally, in the Device Manager, the properties for the LifeCam entry display one of the following codes or different codes:

1,10, 19, 28,39

Now let 's solve the problem with the following ways:

1.Update the LifeCam drivers Cinema

  1. Open the Device Manager.Click Start ,and  type devmgmt.msc in the Start Search box, press ENTER.
    If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Continue.(In Windows XP, you can just run devmgmt.msc)
  2. Expand the following entries:Sound, video , and game controllers,Imaging Devices.Look for the black exclamation point (!) on a yellow field next to a device. The exclamation point indicates that the device has a problem. Right-click the device, and then click the option that corresponds to your version of Windows:

How to Create a Secret Folder the Others Can not Open

How to Create a Secret Folder the Others Can not Open

1.Click the "Run", type CMD, enter, then enter the CMD mode (command prompt).

2.In the command prompt type the command "md d:\secret..\"(there are two periods).Then you can see then secret. folder in the d:\ root directory.

3.You can try to double-click the folder,how,it will prompt an error.Now nobody can open this folder,Then you can copy some files which you want to hide,such as commercial confidentiality and any private pictures and so on.And it can not be deleted.It is very safe. Read more

How to Make a Dos Bootable Floppy

How to Make a Dos Bootable Floppy

We had introduced the What is the bootable floppy,but how to make a dos bootable floppy. When there is an error in your boot sequence, a dos bootable floppy can help you to access your operating system to solve this problem.The following is how to make a dos bootable floppy for Windows XP.

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What Is the NTLDR File ?

What is the NTLDR file?

NTLDR file is a Windows NT/Windows XP boot file,when this file is missing starting the system will prompt "NTLDR is missing ... " and asked to press any key to restart,then can not correctly enter the system. So we should backup the correct system.And what is the NTLDR file ? How to fix the NTLDR file type malfunction?

NTLDR file is a hidden, read-only system file, Read more

Can Not Remember the Blue Screen Error Code? Teach You to See the Blue Screen log

Can Not Remember the Blue Screen Error Code? Teach You to See the Blue Screen log

Through the error code of blue screen,we can judge the problem of the computer.But it disappeared soon, most people can not remember the error code.
In fact, windows system error every time, there will be a corresponding log is recorded, just find the log to analyze,we can find the reason of blue screen easily. Read more

Six Benefits of Installing Windows XP Windows 7 Dual Operating System

Six Benefits of Installing Windows XP Windows 7 Dual Operating System

First, it is beneficial for both systems to compare real-time performance.

Second, it is beneficial to ensure the operating system safe and stable (install different Anti-virus softwares in the two different systems ). Read more

Windows XP Windows 7 Dual Operating System Simple Installation Procedures and Attentions

Many user install dual operating system on their computer,even after Windows 7 appeared.Most of them will install Windows 7 Windows XP dual system right now.But how to install dual system?Now let  us to see the procedures below: Read more

Solution of the Boot Files and the Boot Option Menu are Lost after Windows XP Windows 7 Dual System Reinstalled

The solution of the boot files and the boot option Menu are lost after Windows XP Windows 7 dual operating systems reinstalled:

1.Install Windows XP in Windows 7 to make up of a dual system.
2.Windows XP Windows 7 dual system, reinstall Windows XP.

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Causes and Solutions of “NTLDR is missing” Error when Installing Windows XP System by USB flash disk

There are many people to install the original Windows XP system in the use of USB flash disk,but reboot the system after installation, sometimes prompted the error message NTLDR is missing press any key to restart.Then it has stoped there, can not enter the system.What is wrong with it ?The cause is system root file is missing or damaged. Obviously the system has been installed, but can not enter,actually is that the crucial step in the installation was wrong. Here let's to see the right way to install Windows XP by USB flash disk.
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Two Methods of Installing Windows XP over Windows 7

Many computers are installed two operating systems ,but how to install Windows XP over windows 7 ? There are two methods.

First method: brand new install with the XP installation CD.

First, you need to prepare a primary partition to install XP system. Recommended in Windows 7 system, use the Disk Manager to create a capacity of not less than 10GB primary partition.Restart the computer  by Windows XP installation CD and then install, the installation method is similar to install XP system. Read more