We stay up late, sleep late; we also eat and drink late at night, did not realize that these acts disrupt the rhythm of sleep; as time goes on, we do not teach the body to sleep, in order to release them, want to resolve through medication , but this approach only temporarily mask the problem is not resolved, and there may be addictive. Here we sleep in the life of the formation of a misunderstanding, let us solve them right.

Myth # 1: The "long nap" to add sleep Sleep during the day too long, especially after four in the afternoon, at night when you watch TV, even a few simple style nap will be able to ruin your good night's sleep . Solution: nap time sleep less than 30 minutes If the rest is absolutely necessary, then you have to determine once and one day only to four in the afternoon before. Typically, short break will not affect, in fact, after lunch or a half hour or 20-minute lunch break, as long as four points before, in the majority of people are still useful. Read more