Strictly follow the six to make your site unique

1.Site requirements analysis and plan
User requirements analysis, also known as site plan, which is the website design and development of the basis functions. Needs analysis in the preparation of sites prior to the general work is to conduct in-depth communication with the user, and in-depth understanding of user needs analysis of groups of users browsing the main site. Then the user groups, site requirements and the positioning of the trades, some suggestions to the user. Web site needs analysis generally includes the structure and function analysis, site topology, website design proposal, website development schedule and website development analysis. Can design a professional website, and website can better meet user needs, provided that the preparation of planning and needs analysis is important.

2.Page design ideas and art
Art and Design website is a good combination of programming into one, we must have a successful web design aesthetic, but also have technical rigor. Website of the second step is to make art page design, general design before designers will visit many of the same type of site analysis, needs analysis and a preliminary combination of art design. Professional website design art design is not a person can do, but there is interaction with the user and the appropriate process. Networks produced the first draft, customers can combine their views comments and suggestions, usually repeated two or three times, the site of the art design can be finalized.

3.The production sections and static pages
Web art design is generally done using Photoshop, customer acceptance was finalized, there is a slice of the process. The so-called Web slices is to use Photoshop or firework inside the cutting tool, cut a piece on demand, then application calls when needed. If the site is very large page, the site slice is a very difficult task, and some pages are not cutting can be completed once, sometimes three or even four times been trimmed to achieve the perfect state. Slice after the completion of a work, is to use technology to produce html div + css static pages. In the beginning, many sites at this time is complete, which is a static page.

4.Animation and system development
Dynamic web programming scripting languages ​​introduced, greatly facilitates the user to maintain the site updated. But the need for dynamic domain name similar to cgi, php or asp, and other support, these languages ​​with database technology that lets Web site maintenance becomes relaxed. In fact, each site has its own construction company fixed shape of the CMS Web site management system, but due to client sites are custom developed, and can not meet all the needs of users, change is inevitable to adjust things. In the development of systems programmers, when animated interactive designers work simultaneously, another animation is the site design, two parallel developments.

5.Nested and data entry procedures
Only complete CMS site management system, is not truly complete web site, only site on the front page also nested dynamic program, the site will really "move". Because the site background management system, its purpose is to write the contents of the database data, and web front page of its main role is to web content data read out from a database and presented to the user. Complete front and back can only read and write, to show site data, is a fully functional website. Site data entry is also a very important job, professional website development company will this work be completed by the art designer, but also part of the network's Web site customer service data entry is complete.

6.Integration testing with the official opening of
Has not been tested on the site is open on-line withstand the test of the standard specification of site-building process and one of the most important step is to test. Web application development has been completed, the test generally has four areas, namely, compatibility testing, stress testing, security testing, and concurrent access to the test. Compatibility test is divided into two categories, a different monitor with different resolution tests; the other browsers tested different kernel, and now a lot of browser type, site compatibility is an absolute can not be ignored. Stress testing is a test site in different browser environments and operating stability of the open rate, such as hardware configuration a bit weak, lower quality bandwidth, under the conditions of the site can remain stable and fast to open. Safety testing is to simulate hacker attacks, can withstand the test site that malicious attacks, and there are no obvious bugs. Concurrent access to test their aim is to test websites, access views, such as 100 people at the same time visit the Web site, the site's performance is balanced, and so on.

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