the Factors to Affect the Blog Rank in Google Search Rank

Improve the quality scores that is factors of improving the google search rank

Blog popularity: blog RSS is mainly reflected in the number of visits, the reason is simple, the more popular blog has more subscriptions.

The potential prevalence of blog:derived by analyzing user behavior in blog search, for example how many users click the blog on the search results page.

Links:the number of occurrences in other blog "blog link".

High quality links:the number of occurrences in the authority of the blog "blog link".

Content Tags: blog itself and custom tags.

The reference number in addition to the outside type of blog sites: the non-link from the blog site.

Page Rank:the PageRank of blog sites and the corresponding page affects the google search ranking.

Reduce the mass fraction that is factors of reducing the google search rank

Predictable release frequency: If you have issued blog post with a fixed time, it may be that the use of a spam mechanism for automatic completion, including the rapid issue a large number of blog posts in a short time.

The real blog content is different from the RSS feed:this is a lot Spammer often resort.

Content contains common spam words.

Duplicated content:on this issue, we will explore in detail in the contents of the future.

Blog posts have a very similar length.

Links: On the one hand, blog do not link to inappropriate sites , the other hand, if most of the blog links to point to the same site or page, no doubt with a certain suspicion of spam.

Ad: Place too much advertising in the blog.

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